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Bubbles for the cat?

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I found these in the cat toy section. Catnip laced bubbles that you blow. They harden just a little so the cat can bat at them. I thought this would be so cute I was wrong in a big big way! Reggae hated them. She balled up in and started hissing at the bubbles. She was so upset. I just immediately put them away and smashed out all the bubbles and tried to talk soothingly to her. Is she too young to play with these bubbles? (14 wks old) Or should I just throw them away and never try this again? Anyone else here bought them for your cat?
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No she is not to young I think . This is just not a hit for cats . I try that too and having so many cats you would think at least one would like it . Right , nooooo . None of my cats cared for the bubbles . So I give it to my son to blow them all outsite for fun .
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Mine don't like bubbles either - I think it's the soap in them....
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I guess my cats are strange because they LOVED them! About the age issue, my cats didn't really understand catnip until they were about 6 months old. I'm not sure why...it never really interested them...and I think it made them feel funny. Now they both like it, Max more than Syd...she has control issues.
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My cats hate the bubbles. They run out of the room when I open the bottle. I think that the scent is too strong for them, or something. I don't even have to blow a bubble to get them running away.
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Well my cats didn't get them the first time I blew them for them. Infact Levi was scared of them (but he's scared of alot of new things). Jordan just looked at them like SO. After a couple of times they started likeing them. Well Jordan likes them, Levi is still a bit suspicious until he sees Jordan playing with them. As far as age very young kittens are for whatever reason not affected by cat nip. I don't know at what age they start being affected. Also, I heard some where that not all cats are affected by cat nip.
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A few of my cats liked them and others didn't. I don't think they were scared, they just acted like it was no big deal.
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Oooo....what are those bubbles called? My two LOVE bubbles. And I have to go to all sorts of lengths to make a bubble mix just for them so I know the soap isn't going to irritate them.
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My cat Rosie just stares at the bubbles. But what i did buy, was a bottle of catnip to spray on her toys which has her kicking and biting them like she was a cat possessed!!!
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The bubles are made by Kookamonga (sp?) cat nip. I also saw a generic brand at the pet store, but the intresting thing about the generic ones was it said something about not to be eaten. Which is silly because some cats will try to eat them. So I paid a little more for the brand name which did not contain the same warning.
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I have the catnip bubbles. Em likes them. He doesn't go bonkers for them, but he enjoys them.
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