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New Cat At Park

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We're calling him Java. Isn't he a beauty!

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Beautiful boy! Does he have blue eyes? He looks just like a feral that I rescued about 15 years ago - we called him Sebastian - wonderful siamese/tabby mix.
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Yes!! He's got gorgeous blue eyes.
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AAAWWWW what a beauty , he got great markings in his coat .
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Wow, what a handsome guy, and he looks like a BIG boy, too!
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What a gorgeous guy!!!! He looks like he'd be such a snuggle bear.
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OMG, what a beautiful cat! Is he a stray that someone dumped?
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I wanna cuddle him! Is he a stray? Is he lost? If I could, I'd give him a home...though I do live in Australia so it does raise a lot of issues....*sigh*...
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