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I know a secret.....

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Got your attention?

Okay, did you watch Shrek and laugh yourself silly? I hope you did because this is a Shrek thread, in fact, to be correct Shrek 2!!!

That's right, Shrek 2 is completed and an official trailer has been released!!

It's at http://www.shrek2.com
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Thanks for sharing the secret. I enjoyed the movie and will certainly watch the sequel in May.
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I saw the trailer about 3 weeks ago when I went to see Elf. I didn't really mention anything becasue I really didn't think Shrek was that great. It was cute, but I didn't understand why so many people liked it. I was working at Blockbuster when it came out to video and we sold out so quickly....confused me totally.

What will make me see the second one is Puss in Boots. OMG he was so cute in the trailer!! Looked just like my Emmett.

Another reason I'll go see it, is the bf will probably drag me
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I want to Photoshop Romeo as Puss in Boots. He is just such a foppish cat, he'd be perfect for it
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I love cartoons . I like Shrek a lot and were thinking of buying the dvd . I may not go in the theater to watch the new one , but will rent for sure the dvd to watch it . Now I cant wait to see it
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I've never watched Shrek, but it sounds like maybe I should! I watched "Finding Nemo" for the first time a week ago, and I loved it!!!
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Yay!!! Shrek is one of my favorite movies! In fact, we own it and the kids are watching it today. The furnace in their school broke down, so they were sent home early

I didn't know they were even making a Shrek 2. Thats right up there on my list of movies to see, right next to Cat In The Hat ( i think we're going to see that one with the kids next weekend)

I just looooooooooove Mike Myers- he was the perfect choice for Shreks voice.
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oh boy, i'm definitely going to see it when it comes out!
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Are Mike Meyers and Eddie Murphy in the new Shrek?
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Thanks for sharing this with me last night Mags... I can't wait to see Shrek2!
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Originally posted by HopeHacker
Are Mike Meyers and Eddie Murphy in the new Shrek?
Yup, along with Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona.

Creepyowl Ummm...I like the innocent fairytales and with Shrek, I loved it because it wasn't the usual fairytale.

Mom of 10 Cats...well a lot of cats Just as long as you show us the final product.

Debby I reckon you'll enjoy Shrek since you loved Finding Nemo which is another movie I adore. Yup...I love the cartoons!

Hmm..and about buying DVDs, Shrek is the first one that I ever owned. And I'll be pre-ordering Shrek 2 when it becomes available.

I couldn't help but spread the news, I figured there were other people out there who enjoyed Shrek. I just love spreading happy news.
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