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Horrible incident. Amber was choking!!

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I had a terrifyingly horrible incident with Amber. Last night I was on the phone talking to a friend, when I heard Amber making some strange noises, like she was grinding her teeth. Much to my horror, I found that Amber was choking on something My wife had thrown away one of those scrunchies that she used for her hair and Amber got into the trash, found it and attempted to swallow the whole thing!! The only relief I had was knowing that she was able to get some air, but was having trouble. I tried to hold her so I could put my finger in her mouth to try to grab it, but she was in no mood to let me do this. I was getting ready to call my vet, to make an emergency visit, when Amber coughed and a small piece stuck out of the side of her mouth. With some long forceps, I was able to grab hold and pull it out. After that, she was was able to breathe fine. Let me tell you, I was never so scared about something in my life, than I was with this incident and I was home alone with no one to help. Amber was so terrified, that she even peed on the floor I felt horrible. A lot of my cats like to get in the trash can that is in the bathroom, but never try to eat anything. They mainly like to pull out the q-tips or toilet paper rolls to play with. So, now we have to be extra cautious on what we throw away in there. Amber was treated to a big bowl of fresh raw turkey after that incident. After eating, she started running around the house as if nothing had happened and I breathed a big sigh of relief.
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OMG How frightening that was to read, let alone what you experienced. I am SO glad you were able to get it, and she didn't choke, whew.

I know what you mean about being careful what we toss, hubby absentmindedly throws dental floss into the can - thankfully I usually see it shortly. Hmmm, after reading this I think I'll go get the covered cans anyway.

Amber, so glad you're OK, and you enjoyed the turkey, and please don't scare your Daddy like that again!!!!
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OMG! I would have been scared to death too if anything were to happen to meow meow or boy boy... I'm glad Amber is ok now...
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A covered can is a very good idea. For now, I put it in the bathtub with the shower doors closed. We have a covered one in the kitchen and none of the cats bother with that. It is much taller too. As for dental floss, I always flush it.
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Yikes. Sounds scary. Glad to hear she's OK.

I try to keep on top of q-tips, scrunchy hair bands, ribbons, straws and other things Tiki is allowed to play with -- as well as things like twist-ties, pens, etc..., which she is not.

People treat me as being over-conscious about supervising her with most of her toys, but your story is a good illustration of what can happen.

I was never too keen on the Q-tip thing - she loves them, but invariably tears them apart and I don't want her swallowing the cotton.

The only thing I'll leave her alone with is hard balls, maybe a sisal mouse. Everything else is supervision-only. I usually make a routine of dumping the garbage cans every day for that reason as well.

I think it's good to have those flip-top and foot-pedal "step" garbage cans like they sell in Target, just to keep that kind of stuff away from the cats.

Again, glad she's OK. Sorry for the scare. (There's a lesson in every scare, though).
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Oh No! That's horrible- I'm glad Amber is okay now!!
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I would have been so scared! I'm happy that Amber is alright!
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John, that was a scary incident! Phew, glad Amber is okay now. I wonder if there is a Heimlich maneuver for cats?
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Thank goodness she's OK!! I would have totally panicked, it sounds like you handled the situation very well.

We have had either covered garbage cans or put them in a cupboard ever since we got our dogs, who think a dirty crumpled-up paper towel is just a much a treat as a piece of cheese! However, now that the dogs are banished from the upstairs, I don't have the bathroom garbage can in the cupboard anymore. Simba has never bothered it, but I think I will hide it again after what happened to Amber!
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OMG that is so scary, I am glad that Amber is okay. I would have been in a total panic!
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Yeah. Em loves the garbage and I don't know why! I keep something over my bedroom on and I just totally got rid of the one in the bathroom. I didn't mind walking those extra 2 feet to throw something out. Since I've moved back to my parents he isn't that bad. Just tends to peek in the garbage pails.

Glad Amber is ok. I would freak to if that ever happened!!!
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Wow I'm glad Amber is ok now. My daughter is always leaving hair ties laying around when she is here and it infurriates me. I keep telling her not to do that but she doesn't listen. Everytime she's been here I find them on the floors and on counters and tables.... and the cats love to play with them. NOT a good thing for them to play with.
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home!! I would have probably freaked out if I were in your shoes. I am happy to hear Amber is just fine and none the worse for wear after her incident. BTW, do you crate her like a dog, when no one is home? or does she have free reign of the house like your other felines?
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OMG!! I'm so glad Amber is okay! That had to be terribly scary!! I'm so happy to hear she is alright now!!!!
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How terrifing! I'm glad you were home and you were able to extract it from her. I've been thinking about covered cans for my bathroom for a while now and you just gave me incentive to go out today and buy them!

Is she doing OK today?
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I agree...it's a good thing you were home to help Amber... I am SOOO glad she is ok!! Poor baby!

I had an incident with GoGo 2 or 3 weeks ago. He was walking around the house making strange noises and coughing .... I was so freaked because the last time I heard coughing like that, it was from my cat, BooBoo who had a heart attack. (Rest his little soul) -

Anyway, I rushed GoGo to the vet... they ran all kinds of tests on him only to find that he had swallowed a piece of dental floss. It was partially caught in his throat and had traveled through his system. Thank God, they were able to get it out (which is another long story) Now we toss our floss into a zip lock baggy then throw the bag out each week...

Maybe I should get one of those stainless steel garbage cans with a heavy duty lid...

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Oh thank goodness! Glad to hear Amber is already. Thank God Loki is not a grabage diver - He hates to many smells and just gives it a quick sniff once in a while.
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ooooooops - of course I meant to say ALRIGHT!!
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OMG I would have freaked out . That would scare me to death . I am so glad that you got it out . I am also glad she has not eating that ding , you may would have rushed her to the er for a emergency operation . All in all you were still lucky that you were there with her . And I am very happy she is ok now and eating well .
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Wow, you are lucky to have been there when she was choking... so you could save her! I try to be extra careful with my garbage cans that my cats can get at.. Try to put my dental floss & such in a can they cannot reach. and especially now.. with the holiday season approaching.. everyone should be extra careful with small ornaments or TINSEL, (the worse of all) all it takes is one piece of that stuff and it can tangle all around their insides!

Everyone be careful this holiday season!
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I am so happy to hear that you were able to save her! I would be freaking out if something like that happened. Give her big hugs and kisses!!
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I'm so glad Amber is okay now. I know what you mean about the scrunchies/bobbles, Jeepers is a fiend with them, I hide them all away and still find her playing with them.
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She was fortunate you were home with her and you were fortunate that when you pulled this out of her it wasn't attached to anything major. I would watch her closely just to be sure you didn't accidentally rupture something, and if you see her acting *off* get her to the vet quickly.
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I'm glad Amber is OK. I know it can be a scary.

By the way, I teach pet first aid for the Red Cross. For small animals the first thing to try is to hold them by their back legs, support their back with your other hand, and hold them upside down. Don't shake!!! Gravity will often help to loosen the object. (It's surprising how well this simple technique usually works!) If that doesn't work, and you can see the object, use a finger and a sweeping motion across the back of the throat. DO NOT push directly back against the object, since that could serve to lodge it worse. There is also a version of the Heimlich Maneuver for dogs and cats, but this needs to be seen and practiced to do it correctly.

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That would have been very scary. I am glad she is fine.
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Scott, I am usually that way myself. I always try to just flush the q-tips or put them in the kitchen trash, since it is covered. Twisties are other good ones that cats seem to love, as well as those milk bottle rings. Had I known that scrunchie was in there, I would have pulled it out. When I sit here and think about it, I still worry. In all the years I have had cats in my life, I never had this sort of problem.
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Thank you for all of your concerns. I love everyone of my cats, but Amber holds a very special place in our hearts. Had something happened, I would have never been able to forgive myself. In all the years that I have had cats in my life, all 42 of them, I have never had anything like this happen. I am always very careful on what is lying around the house. I never knew that scrunchie was in the trash, becuase if I did, I would have taken it out.
Catlover, yes, she does have free rein. She is real good, not any worse than my other cats, just bigger and lately has become such a lover. I had her at Petsmart on Saturday and could not get out of there. She had many people who just wanted to look at her and feel her soft fur.
Hissy, I was worried about that myself. I think part of the elastic got cought on her tooth and prevented it from going down. Yes, she is doing very well. We had are usual game of tag today, but this time she wanted to run up and down the stairs. She has been eating and I have not found any blood or anything else in her stools. She seems to be going just fine.
The more I look at it, cats are like spoiled kids. No matter how many toys they have, they still want more or get into things they shouldn't
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Glad Amber is ok!

My fiancee threw his floss in the garbage once and I spanked his bottom and explained to him what could happen if the cats get a hold of that!

We flush our floss down the toilet.
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Thank God she's OK. I'm always scared that something like that will happen to my cats, especially my elderly cat Snoopy, who had all of his teeth removed last year. I remember one time he looked like he was choking and I started freaking out, and was about to call 911, when the piece of food that was lodged in his thoat, went down.
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How did you happen to obtain a bobcat as a pet? I've always been curious and wanted to ask you.

Well, some kittens/cats just love bags and getting into them and I think that's the attraction of garbage. Having had children, I recall babyproofing the house, and ironically, that's exactly what you have to do for cats! Thanks for posting your interesting and harrowing story and I'm so glad everything worked out just fine with that scrunchie! I have these large claw clips that I occasionally put in my hair.
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