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Taking cat visiting to strange house, litter box problems?

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O.K. Here is the situation. We are going to my sisters for Christmas, and she is SO fussy, but has agreed Mysti can come with us.

MY QUESTION: Since we will be in a strange place and much larger (my sis lives in a 3 story town house) if we take her litter box and turn her loose in all those rooms and space, is she going to find and use her litterbox or will she find another place to do her business?

We are full-time R.V.er's with a 36 ft. 5th wheel R.V. with slide out rooms. Nice and roomy for the 2 of us and Mysti and she likes it too. But, to take her to our room as my sisters which is on the third floor (her box has to stay in our room) if she wanders to either of the 2 lower levels is she going to know where the litter box is?

I am sweating bullets about taking her.

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I would leave Mysti at least one day in that room you are staying to get her ajusted to all the new things and smell . Then you can go from there .
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We have the nice day night shades in our R.V. so not really curtains. My sister has drapes. I am afraid that she will attempt to climb them in an attempt to find us if we are not in the room.
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Do you have a feliway plug in ? If you do , maybe you can take that with you and plug it in that room where you stay .
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I am sorry but I do not even know what that is, could one please explain?

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Feliway you can buy in a spray form or as a plug-in . On the box it says : Feliway mimics the natural way comforting facial pheromone found in cats .
It helps in stress-related behavior like urin marking , vertical scratching , loss of appetite , reduced desire to play or interact .
It helps in stressful situation such as : moving to a new home ,visitors to the home , new pet or fam. member , ajusting to a new enviroment and multiple cat households .

You can buy it over the internet or in pets-mart .
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Line the area underneath where the litter tray is to be placed and around as well. That way if Mysti poops outside of the box it's easier when you have to clean it up. This is especially a good idea if the room is carpeted.

Leave Mysti in that one room initially on the first day and then let her out and see how she reacts. She should remember where the litter tray is but seeing as how it is a much larger area, she may have accidents in that she may not reach the litter tray in time. I moved house several times and so far all kitties remember the new location of the litter trays.

If you do let her out and about, make sure that the first time, it's relatively quiet as strange noises are bad enough, let alone strange loud ones.

I've used Feliway before and still do. It's worked fantastically with my two cats and have no problems in recommending it. However, if you do use the spray, you don't spray it on the cat, just in the air or on objects.

I've also used Bach's Rescue Remedy to calm my cats down. This is a natural remedy and is sold through health food stores or pharmacies or online. A drop or two is placed in the water. You only need to use a small amount.
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You should be able to get it at any major pet food chain.
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