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Sneezing kitty

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I have a one year old cat who is sneezing an awful lot. It also seem like her nose is stuffed. She has only ate once today and has slept all day. I tried to feed her this evening but she doesn't seem intrested. I am going to call my vet tommorrow but was wondering if anybody had any sugestions on how to make my kitty a litte more confortable and also how I could get her to eat a little. Any sugestions is greatly appreciated.
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If the cat has an upper respiratory infection (cold), turn the shower on really hot to produce a lot of steam and then bring the cat in the bathroom. It will help with the congestion because of the warm mist (just like humans with a humidifer).

Also, besides feeling awful, the cat is having a hard time smelling it's food and therefore doesn't want to eat. If you feed wet food, you can heat up the wet food for a minute till it's warm. This will bring out the smell and maybe make it more appetizing for the cat. Or if your cat likes fish, try pouring some tuna juice in it's food, which may also make it more appetizing.

Poor kitty! It's always tugs at the heart when you see your cat is under the weather. Please give us an update when you know more from the vet visit.
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Get her to the vet. Last week we took our 4 month old to the vet after he had been coughing, sneezing, and developed puffy eyes and we found out he has pneumonia! He didn't act sick, like not eating or sleeping a lot. That's why I didn't take him earlier. I should have but he'll be OK since he's responding well to meds.
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I called the Vet this morning and made an appt. for tommorrow. Im hoping for the best, plus my kitty looks better and is eating now.
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three of my 5 cats are sick right now with upper respitory infections (colds). I tood Sterling to the vet friday. The vet gave me some meds and sent us home. Now berkley is really sick and Sasha just started sneezing.
Berkley looks the worst of all of them now. i even called the emergency vet tonight to see if i should bring her in. she is jerking her head and sneezing alot. the vet said that the runny nose is causing her to jerk her head since she can;t blow her nose
The vet said that if she starts breathing heavily using her abdomen then i should take her in immediatly. also, if she stops eating, bring her in. cats that cannot smell thier food do not eat. she recommended smelly food also.
if the cold develops into a lower respitory infection i.e. pnemonia, then it is serious, so go to the vet and then watch your kitty closely for non-eating and difficulty eating.
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I had a URI hit my entire household of 11 cats many years ago. Two wound up in intensive care and I put the 5 of the really bad ones in the bathroom (a large one) with a vaporizor for many hours at a time. You don't go thru all your hot water that way and you can keep the steam running for a while. They were also all on meds from the vet. The worst of it was over in about a week.

Have you gotten to the vet and what did he/she say???
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Definitely the vet appt is a good thing! In the meantime, keep her eyes & nose clean. Many cats won't eat well if they can't smell their food, so add some strong smelling incentive to her food - like the juice from a can of tuna. When you take a shower, have her in the bathroom to sort of "vaporize" her.
Good luck!
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The vet gave her some meds and told me to watch out for some signs, like thick gunky stuff in her eyes and watch how she was breathing. That same night she started eating and drinking water. She now back to her normal (loud) self! I was worried but am glad everything turned out alright.
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