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One of my cats was fixed today and the vet informed me that he has tapeworms, but found no fleas so she said it was probably a dead one. He's been home for about 5 hrs now and he just puked up a white, skinny worm! The vet gave me a 30mg tablet of virantel for the tapeworms. I'm just wondering if that cures all worms or what? I'm not even sure what kind of worm he puked up, I'd post a pic but I'm not sure how... But I googled it and it appears to be a round worm? I am a long time cat owner and have never experienced this! I'd call the vet but I can't find one open this late in my area. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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Hi and welcome!


You have nothing to worry about, the virbantel kills tapeworm, roundworm, hookworm, so he vomited a dead roundworm.


Roundworm looks like thin spaghetti while tapeworm is notably flat.



The med worked and he has to expel the worm.

He will either vomit or poop out the tapeworm. There is only one tapeworm, not like roundworms. (plural)


Whether or not there are fleas present is beside the point. Tapeworm comes from fleas, but once an infected flea is ingested the worm will form and live off of whatever is eaten.


It doesn't mean the cat has fleas, however to prevent reinfection of a tapeworm I highly suggest a monthly flea topical.

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