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Nick's rear end...

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My cat Nick seems to have a problem. We, my husband and I, have noticed that Nick seems to have an odor coming from his rear end all of the time. There are times that there seems to be a little poop left there, but most of the time there is nothing noticeable except this horrible odor. Would this have something to do with his anal glands? Nick is a 1 year old that has been neutered and eats dry food. We also have a 4 year old cat that doesn't have this same problem. Thanks for any advice that you can offer!
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I would take Nick to the vet and ask for a fecal to check for worms and also ask the vet to express Nick's anal glands. I would also talk to your vet about what food would be right for him. Some of the cheaper dry kibble will produce this type of response in certain cats.

I moved this to care and grooming from the behavior forum for you.
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Nick is an indoor only cat. Is it possible for him to get worms since he has not been exposed to the outdoors since he was a kitten? We got him at 8 weeks old and he has been indoors ever since. Also, he had a fecal exam at his first vet appointment when we first brought him home from the adoption organization. He currently eats Purina One Healthy Weight Management. He is approximately a 15 pound cat. We fed him kitten food until he was almost a year old, and then we switched him to Deli Cat. The problem was not as noticeable as when he was switched to the Purina One. Thanks for the advice. I plan to take him to the vet soon to ask about the anal glands.
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I have two indoor cats and I regularly give them worming tablets and flea treatments, (ones which are available from the vet, not supermarket brands). There's no such word as impossible when you have pets or have children around. Anything can happen.

Like hissy has said, take Nick to the vet and talk about diet and any changes that need to be made. I'd also ask for a fecal check as well. Just because you don't see worms in his stool, it doesn't mean that there aren't any eggs.
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Nick has an appointment with the vet to see what is going on with him. I will update you when we find out.
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My budday's rear end sometimes smell to. Like your cat my cat is solely indoor. I dont have kids, and we clean the place every 2 days. and I am talkin about a thorough cleaning. How can a cat who lives in a pretty much sterile place get worms......It's bogglein. And he is a cat who has never had the sun on his back.
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An update. I took Nick to the vet this afternoon. The vet expressed his anal glands and said that he is as good as new. Thanks for the advice.
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That's great to hear that it was just the anal glands.

Hope he's feeling better.
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He was not too happy with me when we got home from the vet, but he finally warmed back up to me after a little while.
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Same with Sphinx. He warmed back up after awhile, especially when he felt better after having his done.
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