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Hello to all...I just love this website!! It has lots of good information. I have a Important question I need some advice on. I got my Baby Isis in about october and now he is about 4 months old and I just love him to death. Recently I notice that when people would come over it would freak out and go hide under the bed so I thought maybe it's because he is not use to people been over him. So I invited my friend to come over and hang out for awhile so I can watch him. He hissed at them right up until they left. So I decide to get him a companion. So A friend of mine isn't able to care for her girl cat so I brought her home to meet Isis. At first they seem to like each other than he freaked out and started to hiss out her too. So now I have two kittens and one doesn't like the other and I am wonder how am I going to make this one big family?? So for you Cat experts out there PLEASE I need so help!!

Pretty Rabbit~ ~
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Welcome to this site

I think there is in the behavior forum a lot of info how to untroduce (sp)a new cat . One of them info will also tell you to place a little vanilla extract on both cats nose and I believe on the end of the back by the cat so they will smell the same way . Good luck ...
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Welcome to the site! Here is an article that will give you some good tips to help your kittens: "I'd like you to Meet..."

I'll also move this to the Behavior Forum where our experts will be more likely to see this.
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I went to look at the site and read what it suggested but it's to late for some of those things.. They have already meet and he doesn't like her. Now Ithink he is mad with me, so I need to now how I can keep both of them from hating me and each other!!?
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You can seperate them again for a while and start the intro again and it can work .
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I will try that but Isis my Old cat is still upset that a new cat is here and I don't know if he will forget it. He is also upset with me and I don't know how to get him to respond to me. I don't think that the scent trick will work he can still smell the new cat on me.
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It's not something that will happen overnight. Give it some time.

Try giving Isis rewards when he sniffs you. That way he can learn that the scent of the other cat is a good thing, not something to fear or be threatened by.

Like the article that valanahb suggested, try getting an old blanket or towel method that was mentioned. Let things progress at their own speed. You can't rush these things.
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Don't get discouraged. Introducing cats to each other is not an overnight process.

My cats don't like human visitors either. When I have people over, they both run upstairs and hide in the closet. They've known my boyfriend all their lives and still take their time going to great him when he comes in. When I have overnight guests it taes a few days before they will come out of my room. I have to bring their food upstairs so they don't starve.

Each cat has its own personality and level of acceptance for new things. You can't force rapid change.
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Patches is 3 years old and she still does this

Welcome To TCS
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Yes - it takes a while.. like weeks or months for them to become friends. I am happy to say that my two babies are starting to play.. where they used to fight and hiss and scratch and hide.. now they chase each other around the house and play fight a lot. It's too funny to watch. Good entertainment. Isis feels he is the "King of the house" -- how dare you bring someone else in here!!! I started encouraging the new cat to play with the first cats' toys too.. of course in another room.. so she can get used to the smell of the other cat.. It is not too late to separate them. You'll be fine.. Cats may hold a grudge against you.. but that only lasts for so long.. they realize you are the bringer of treats, food, toys, etc.. how could they be mad at you? Try praising them whenever they snuggle with you. I read somewhere that you should separate them, and give the new cat a blanket that the other cat used.. and also a pair of your sweatpants, or sweatshirts after work out.. or your jammies.. which smell like you(kinda yucky.. but if it works.. hey)so they can get used to both scents. Put treats right beside it and encourage the new kittie to cuddle up with it.. don't sit there beside her the whole time either.. let her experience it on her own...
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Take it slow and do not rush it. Mine took a month and I think it was because I did not want to rush it so everyone would get alone. It worked and everyone is happy
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My cats are both scaredy cats. its their personalities. have your babes fixed as soon as possible too!! take it slow to introduce them, it will take a while. there is lots of good advice here, so also take your time going through this site. good luck!
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Hi Newbie!

I have read everyone's suggestions regarding your 2 kitties & the excellent advise as to how to handle them. I am curious how Isis and the little female are doing now? Have the suggestions that everyone gave you, worked? What have you named the little female?

I have 6 fur-babies: Romeo, Smokey Bear, Little Heart, Cheyenne, Tiger & Charlie. When the doorbell rings, the cats scatter. Then after the visitors are here for about 10 minutes, Little Heart comes out of hiding first to greet. Then after another 5 minutes, Tiger & Charlie come out. Tiger sits on the entrance of the dining rm/kitchen entry-way & watches. But bold Charlie & Little Heart come right up to the visitors to be petted. Little Heart is such a fantastic 'big brother' to these two & teaches them not to be afraid.

Now what I have done when each new rescued kitty came into the house is; I put the new fur-kid into a large dog crate which I have. (I used to have a dog, but he is over the Rainbow Bridge now). Anyway, inside the dog crate, is 1 of my thick, comfy blankets, a litter box, food & water bowls which hook onto the side of the cage (from my "showing pedigree cats" days). Then the new kitten/cat would be placed into the cage, so that the other cat(s) can walk up to & get to know the new kitten/cat in the house. Then after a couple days, I would let the new kitten/cat out of the cage, but supervise at a distance, just in case I had to run in & rescue. Because each new kitten/cat has to learn its place in line, who the boss cat is, etc.

Please let me know how your kitties are doing! Thank you & could you give them Big Kitty Hugs for me!!!!
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