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I normally give sellers three days to contact me before I start to get angery I ~*~*try*~*~ to contact my buyers with in three business days. If they email me I get back to them with in a few hours, but if they just buy and pay, I leave feedback and ship the item with out emailing them. It seems like the higher the feedback the less contact is needed. If i'm selling or buying from someone with over 100 feedbacks we rarly talk
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Just as an update, we were finally able to pay them (mix up with the Paypal address that they gave us, so it had to be re-credited to our account, and we go through the motions again!) and hopefully it was shipped out yesterday. We are *REALLY* hoping to have it in our hands tomorrow!

BTW, for you power buyers, I have a suggestion that is working out great for us this time. We have our own FedEx account, and we asked if he could just use that to ship to us. Every laptop auction we have seen has had shipping at $35-$50! For 2 day shipping we are paying right about $21, whereas most of the sellers specified for the $35-50 it would be Ground (3-5 days) or USPS (who knows at this time of year). So basically, if you have your own account you can specify what time you want it shipped (overnight, 2 day, saver, ground, etc.) and you know you aren't getting hosed on shipping costs.
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