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Ebay Question

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We won an auction for a laptop on Friday night for a steal of a price. We have emailed the seller (who has 0 feedback, but you know everyone has to start somewhere and also probably why we got the laptop for as low as we did) twice now, with no response from her. Right now we are trying to give her the benefit of the doubt that maybe she posted from work or something, and can't access it over the weekend. (So why would you post an auction that ends on Friday evening if you can't check over the weekend?) But we are really starting to worry that she's trying to cut her losses since the auction ended so low.

Besides leaving negative feedback if we don't hear from her by Tuesday, is there anything else we can do?
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I have had the same problem as you before - Jake had bid for a Ty Cobb card (he is a baseball nut) and he paid and all and he never received the card nor heard from the guy, and he kept saying he had mailed it, and we never received it and so we threatened with reporting him to eBay people and he admitted that he had not sent the card and sent the money back. Sometimes they need to be scared into it.
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Well, thankfully we haven't paid her yet. Earl wanted to but I want contact with the seller before I transfer money via Paypal.

At least you got your money back, Kellye!
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If you paid via Paypal, you can report the seller to them as well, and they will investigate and get your money back for you. I have had to do this only once in almost 4 years of eBay-ing. Good luck!
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It is ALWAYS a good idea to contact first before paying. Good luck, I hope it works out!
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Pull her contact info and call her


You have 90 days to leave negative feedback.. try not to jump the gun on that because negative feedback really tarnishes someones reputation.

Do you have the item #? I'd like to check it out
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Did you already pay for your laptop ? I don't think there is anything more you can do . But Sicy and PrincessPurr may know more about it then me .
I was once pet on a nice used cat tree with palm tree and I guess it was to low for the seller and he bagt out of it and the reason was mention that he don't want to sell it any more . Oh well .

I wish you luck that everything will go well with your laptop
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Here's the auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...ory=31550&rd=1

We have not paid her yet. Not when we're talking hundreds of dollars, I'm not just going to pay that amount on faith that she will contact me later. Thanks for that link Sicy. Earl is checking out her contact info now...

I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, but when you get something for a lot less than it's worth I know it would be tempting to just bail on the auction when you have no feedback to begin with. It's easy enough to start over with a new username. (OK, maybe I'm just devious enough to think like that...)
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This has happened to me many times. Please be sure to contact seller before making any payments. I would give her a few days I know it takes me a few days sometimes.. seeing as catsites come first.

But I wouldn't let her muck you round, leave negative comments soon , in our case(our site) we get a week to contact the buyer about payment address etc etc.

Lots of luck and I HOPE you get that laptop!
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There's no reason to leave negative comments "soon".. like I said you have 90 days to leave feedback. Try to settle this first, and then leave your feedback later. Because they will also leave you negative feedback back as retalitory.
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I agree with Sicy - talk to them first.
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It's only been two days.. I would try to contact her for at least 10 days before you do anything drastic. It's good you didnt pay her yet though!! Use the ask sellar a question form as well because maybe she has a problem with her email. Then try to call her.

Then after contacting her for 10 days or more you can file some forms with ebay. Fraud forms etc.
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Give her some time. If you haven't sent the payment yet that is good. If you never hear from her leave the negitive feedback.
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The worst I've experiecedd as an Ebay buyer over the past 3 years is having 2 auctions abruptly cancelled by Ebay after I bid on an item. These were both video game related.

Did the seller's paying instructions include having the buyer pay within a certain number of days? If so, I would wait and recommend using that to your advantage until you've heard from the seller. I would also recommend waitng to leave feedback until the issue is resolved since you cannot take back a negative feedback once it's been submitted to Ebay.
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The payment instructions on the auction just say that they accept Paypal, Cashiers Check and Money Order. There are no other instructions, and she hasn't emailed us in response to our emails to her asking for instructions and to work out the shipping details. I think I've talked Earl out of leaving negative feedback first thing Tuesday morning, but we'll start trying to telephone her on Tueday if we haven't heard anything from her by then.
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She may be selling it for a lower price to get rid of it, because she cant get it for what she paid for it originally. We've sold stuff before on Ebay (computers) and have sold them at a lower price bcause of these reasons. It also may be her 1st time selling, too.
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Before I bid, I always check to see feedback on that person and what color star they have by their name to indicate how often they sell. I have never had any bad results.
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Well, we took a chance on bidding on what appears to be a 1st time seller. Zero feedback, but like I said before - everyone has to start somewhere. There were only 4 bids total on the auction, I think because she didn't have feedback. The same type of laptop is going for about $250 more than this auction ended at, which is why I'm wondering if she is regretting the auction.

Earl is being very impatient because he wants the laptop before we go on vacation. We leave in 2 weeks.
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We have sold a bit on ebay, and often found that people did not respond for 2 or 3 days, expecially over a weekend. Its shocking that folkd don't always check their email every hour or so like we do!

We usually wonder if we don't hear from someone after 2 business days. But we do look up their personal contact information right away.

All you are going to lose is a great price on a laptop if she never contacts you, its not the end of the world. And ebay will still take her commission, so its in her interest to collect some money for the sale.
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You do need to contact her before you pay for it. With the weekend I would give her the benefit of the doubt. As you know I believe you have 3-4 days to contact each other. Its been some time since i did anything on E-bay and most sales etc. were good a few bad ones though.
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YAY!! We finally heard from him!! I figured Earl was rushing the gun a little bit. We are just so used to being contacted like within an hour of the auction ending. That's what we do when we sell something. And I know Earl wants that laptop RIGHT NOW! LOL
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Good news!

Hey you're not selling anything right now... Where's that thread where we posted our userids.. we should bump that one again.
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Yay! Glad to hear that he contacted you.

Sicy, good idea, I don't remember the title of the thread though. My eBay user ID is xirene. Not selling anything at the moment, since Tybalt (who makes the masks) is in CA visiting his folks. Buying some stuff though.
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I'm glad that you heard from your seller Heidi.

I've only ever bought twice from Ebay and luckily both sellers were good about things. They even shipped overseas. ^_^
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I'm late on this but with eBay weekends don't count as business days, so although it's annoying, I never expect anyone to contact and/or ship on weekends (from friday at 5-monday morning). Most people do, especially power sellers/businesses, but the low sales volume people sometimes won't, and it's not a huge deal to me.
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Just read this! I'm so glad you heard from them!
I haven't done any business on e-bay for over a year now, and that was when I was buying baby things for Amber, but I'm planning on getting back on there and trying to find an auction for a good used car seat...we have one, but would like a second one for the car Brent drives, so that we don't have to always switch them back and forth. I am looking for something as cheap as possible! From what I recall they sell alot of car seats so hopefully I will have some luck!
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You can get their phone number from eBay and call them.

I've had one seller never send me the item, one seller that swore they never got the money order (that's why I only deal with PayPal now), and one seller that said they took PayPal and then refused to do so so I never paid them and never received the item.
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
My eBay user ID is xirene.
That's right.. I was close! My ID is sicy.

val my fiancee looked at the laptop auction and he was drooling. That's an awesome laptop for that price. I really hope everything works out for you.
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Yeah, Sicy - we couldn't believe we got that laptop for that price. If all goes well we should have it by the end of the week. And it's pretty much because it is the guy's first auction. No one wants to bid on someone with no history - or take bids from a newbie either. Kinda sad, really - everyone started with zero feedback at some point.
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I sell KittyOats in ebay and in all my selling, I have one negative feedback. The reason I got it is that a person was trying to contact me (kinda like you were trying to contack the person for the laptop) and my emails to him were being blocked. I had no way of contacting the person at all! Finally we worked everyting out and the customer was satisfied but he has already left the negative feedback and had no way of changing it
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