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St. Louis

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I'm going to St. Louis on Monday for 2 days to train a client. I have no idea what part of town I'll be in, but there are high rises there since I'll be on the 33rd floor. Anybody have any suggestions for Tuesday evening?
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You don't say what you like to do, but no limit to the possibilites. There is a casino on river. Also, can take one of the dinner,showboats, call the Chamber of Commerce when you arrive. I am sure there are lots of activities now near Christmas.

Hope this helps.
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Bring a warm coat if you plan on being outdoors (from someone at the same latitude 3-1/2 hour drive away).
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Wouldn't have a clue where it is but Have fun Ericka!
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i dont know a thing about St. Louis, i have a SIL that lives there, but thats about it, but im sure there will be lots to do,, have a great time
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I have a friend from another board that lives in ST. Louis. And I myself am only 2 hours away from there and have been there lots of times.
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