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Bachelor Fans...did you buy Bob's CD?

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Ok, I admit...I'm in love with Bob!

Really though, I was curious if anyone else besides myself bought his CD? I got it yesterday & I'm jamming with as I write. It's great so far! So far, my favorite song is Girlfriend....ironic title considering what he just went through!

I give it a 2 thumbs up! Anyone else care to share your opinions on his CD?
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Here's a link to his site where you can preview his music & even get watch a video!
Bob Guiney
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Ok..I must admit that I didn't follow the show this season but I have seen a few "Bob" interviews - He is a talented, goodlooking, smart witty guy that is for sure... I heard his CD and he sounded great!! Have you seen his video on VH1 yet?

My friend Debbie and I were discussing how much Bob favors Will Ferrell - They could be brothers at the very least...what do you think??

(Sorry for the Elf suit, Shell - it was slim pickins on the net this morning )

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Here's a better pic.... well, sort of!

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LOL he even looks cute in an elf suit! haha! nice one! I never noticed the resemblance!
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I must be the only one who watched the bachelor who didn't think Bob was cute at all

He does look a lot like Will Ferrell though
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ROTFL! The resemblance is uncanny, well, to me anyway...
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I don't watch this show but I saw Kim post here so I had to see what was going on! Where ya been girl?

Will and Bob do look a lot alike. Especially in the elf picutre!
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I didn't watch The Bachelor, either. His voice is pleasant, but he doesn't do my type of music. I'd like to hear him sing some rock stuff.
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Oh, by the way, in that second photo, Will Farrell looks really handsome. That's a super good picture of him.
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I agree with you Hope, Will Ferrell does look handsome. I think he is awesome. (Will that is, not Bob)
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OMG! I just about fell outta my chair! That was hilarious! It's true...they do look similiar. I guess I never thought about linking the two together.

Damn girl...you crack me up!

I'm still a Bob lover...I'm just so jealous of Estella! She makes me puke! My "Bob" is lurking out there somewhere! LOL!
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That was a cool site. I always thought he could sing, after seeing the "karaoke date"
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