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Can I ask for some prayers?

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I've got an important interview tomorrow.It's actually for the samaritans of singapore(SOS). I've applied as a volunteer to man the hotlines.The hotlines are for people who are suicidal and for those who are having problems. I really wish to get this volunteer job. If i do get it, i'll go through training before i go onto the job.. please pray that i get through the interview..
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That's wonderful! It takes a special person to do that line of work! Sending mega prayers & awesome vibes your way!
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Kate, you are in my thoughts for this job.

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Good luck Kate!
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Count me in as well - but you knew that already did you not? It was great speaking to you today - now go in there, hold head high and go for it!

Best wishes

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Aww... Kate don't worry You are perfect for that job. Here are mundo vibes and good thoughts from me and the girls.
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I will say a prayer for you
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Sending prayers your way...

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Lots of good thoughts your way Kate. I hope you get the Job.
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You have mine sweetie.

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Iร‚ยดm sending you a lot of positive wibes Kate! You are the person for this job, I hope you will get it!
Good luck in you interview!
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Sending up prayers!
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i will say a prayer for you as well, sure hope you get the job
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thanks guys... i sure hope i'll get the job... i'll keep you guys updated.. thanks once again..
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I'm a bit late here but...

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I'm late too but still sending vibes!!
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Got my fingers crossed for you, if you've already had the interview I hope it went well!
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the interview went ok.. hoping i get the job... they'll let me know if they are gonna use me by next week.. so keep your fingers crossed for me...
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fingers and toes crossed for you! good luck
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**fingers crossed**

Good luck!
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Good luck!!!
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Sounds like a tough job. I'm glad you thought the interview went ok, hope you get it.
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I'm glad the interview went well - hope you get the job! It's not an easy one for sure. My mom used to do that for a while but after a couple of years she got burnt out. There was this one day when someone phones in after he had taken the pills and just called to tell them that he was taking his own life. My mom managed to talk him into giving her his name and address (he was beginning to lose consciousness as they were talking). The emergency services came in and found him just in time to get him to the hospital and save his life. I still remember that day - we were all so proud of mom!
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Hi Susan,

Glad you managed to login and post I guess this a reply to Kate's thread. You need to click "post reply" when you reply and not "new thread" (don't worry, we all did that when we started out )

I'm merging this with Kate's thread.

Welcome to the forums.
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I'm new to the forum, but i wish you luck.
A close friend of mine took her life in september due to a terminal illness.
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Hi Susan Welcome to the board!! thanks for the good luck!!
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When will you find out Kate?
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Yes, I was also wondering...Iร‚ยดm really hoping you will get the job, I cant wait to know...
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and positive vibes too!
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