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A coughing kitty kat

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I need some advice,I took my kitty to the vet 1 month ago for a cough,a dry,whooping cough type,esp. after she would hiss at my puppy dog.I was given Amoxicillin suspension 10cc orally til gone.Did that-she is still coughing,even now waking herself up coughing.Within the last week, she can't "speak" when she first gets up,it takes 3-4 min. or so, and then it is weak.It does become normal after 10 min of awake time.She is eating normally,a piggy I might add,bowel movements are normal,urine is fine-good color ect..It's just this disturbing horrible cough! One thing I have noticed, she seems not to cough as much after giving her Hartz hairball malted flavor medicine,however, NO hairballs are ever thrown up, and she does throw up,ONLY after she drinks a lot after eating x always since kitten.Obviously, I would take her back to the vet, or for that matter, go to a new one, but I have no money at this time.PLEASE PLEASE can anyone enlighten me as to what her problem might be?I thought of Cancer,esophogus problems,even maybe a huge hairball stuck in her tummy.She has been with me through thick and thin, for the past 12 yrs.Has anyone else been through this?Any and ALL suggestions are appreciated.Thanks,from a very worried mom.
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You really need to take this cat back to the vet. Any of those problems you listed (which may be wild guesses at best) need serious vet attention. Maybe you can get a break on the bill, because the original problem you went for was not treated successfully, Or the vet may take payments over time.
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Well, we have the same issue. My cat coughs and coughs and we gave her medicine also (hairball) and she never threw anything up. We took her to the vet and after xrays and lots of medicine...she still coughs. Mine was diagnosed with some kind of pneumonia. I dont really know of any treatments that you can give from home. I think you should try to get to a vet soon. I know its costly, Krista ended up costing 300 dollars ! Hope everything works out.
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Frenchie (AND loveKG).....you need to get your kitties back to your vets promptly.

Frenchie, it's been over a month with no improvement. Coughing in cats is not normal, your vet needs to investigate the cause further and rule out potential asthma, heartworm, lung disease (viral vs fungal vs respiratory), heart disease and even neoplasia. X-rays should be done to help your vet rule out any of the above, bloodwork should be done on any kitty older than 7 to rule out associated primary disease and secondary infections. Don't settle for a 7-day course of antibiotics and cough medicine, it is obvious there is something more serious going on here. (btw, 10 cc of oral antibiotics/per day is not appropriate, I am assuming that was a typo, a typical course of amoxicillin is 1 cc twice a day)

Please do not delay, get a second opinion immediately, your vet is not doing enough toward diagnosis...................Traci
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