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I joined this site a couple days ago

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Hi...I was looking for some help over the weekend for a little kitten that had been dropped off along with its mom and siblings. I came across this wonderful site and had to join. We have 2 house cats at the moment. Spooky(all black) and Speckals(a dark tortoise shell). They are brother and sister and around 6 years old. They were supposed to be my daughters cats but I'm the one that gets to take care of them but I don't mind. We did have 3 but our 17 year old, Dusty, is no longer with us . He had a wonderfully pampered life and is still missed by all of us.
A couple weeks ago one of my daughters found a kitten that had been struck by a car and killed. A day or so after that we found out that a mom cat and her 3 babies were living under our front porch. Being the animal lover that I am, I couldn't resist giving them something to eat and drink. The mom is very affectionate but the babies won't come near us. We are trying to get them to warm up to us because we want to try and find them homes and also do not want to find any more of them killed in the road. I am also pleased to say that the kitten we were worried about is back to its normal self...eating and playing again .
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Hi Gemini!!! It's a pleasure to have you here! Welcome to The Cat Site! I'm so happy you decided to join us. I would love to see pictures of your babies and your family as well.

I hope all goes well with the family living under your porch. It's so nice of you to take care of them and the fact that you are trying to find them a good home says that you really are a wonderful and caring person.

Once again.. welcome!
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Hi Gemini, and welcometo the cat site!


I Hope you can find some great homes for your kittens.

:kitty5: :blubturq:
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Gemini and daughters; Welcome to our family of cat lovers I am sorry I missed welcoming you when you first joined, but am happy to have the opportunity now!

Young kittens are taught to be "Cautious" of strangers by their mother, but as you continue to feed and befriend Mom and them; they will come around. Mom will convey to them that it is okay to trust you. Be sure to let us know how it is going.
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I just wanted to say Welcome to The Cat Site. I love it here and I think you will too.
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Welcome to the site Gemini! Im so glad the kitten pulled through! You will need to put a lot of effort into socializing the kittens so they would be adoptable - but it's a lot of fun too!
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WELCOME!!!!!!!!! I hope you stay!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome to you Gemini and to all your babies!
Hope you stick around and enjoy the site just as much as we all do!
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This is our first and oldest and now deceased cat. His name is Dusty. He was almost 17 when he died (June 19, 2001). He was a longhaired orange tabby cat. He was a good "father" to our other cats, Spooky and Speckals. He truly had nine lives: He was attacked by dogs and hit by a car (limped for the rest of his life) before becoming a full-time house cat.
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This is Speckals, our dark tortoise-shell cat. Speckals is my daughter's cat, and she named it before she knew how to correctly spell Speckles. Speckals was born on Halloween (or so we say) along with her brother Spooky, and she is now six years old. Even though she's tubby, she is faster and stronger than her brother. Her hobbies include talking to birds and catching flies. She's an indoor cat and doesn't even like going outside, so we lucked out with that one!
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This black American Shorthair's name is Spooky! It's a fitting name considering he was born around Halloween. He has a very high-pitched voice and one of my daughters says that if Spooky went to school, he'd get beat up every day because of it! And he's very talkative, too. He's very lean and has a really long tail, and he resembles a panther. He enjoys picking fights with Speckals and "helping" me make the bed. He also races our dog, Brandy, down the hall at "Snack Time."
If the pics aren't showing up, right-click on the box with the "X" and select "Show Picture" until they come in. It wasn't working with me and I don't know how they will work with other people.
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Welcome to the cat site, Geminii. I am sure you will like it, here
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I'm glad you found us! I think you'll enjoy it here!
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Ok sorry, the pics of Spooky, Speckals, and Dusty aren't working for some reason. To see them, you can go to our pets' page. You know, if you really care what our beautiful pets look like. It's plain right now, just their pics, but we'll get some words on the screen when we get a chance.
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Visited your pets page. They're adorable (but aren't they all!)

I love this site too.

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Dear Gemini :angel2:

Welcome to our happy site; we have a great group of kitty lovers and it appears you'll fit right in! All cat lovers deserve each other :laughing::LOL:

I surfed on over to your site and saw your babies They are precious I'm glad you posted them! It's so nice to see our members kitties.
Don't forget that we have a members gallery too...if your shy, that's okay, but you can put our faces to our names too

Love, Peace &

PS..Guys...this pic is just for fun....!!!!
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Gemini, welcome

Is your nickname gemini because you are a gemini ?? Cause I am a gemini, too & I love being a gemini :afrorainb

Perhaps we should post a thread about every one's astrological signs & try to see if there is a relation between being a cat person & that specific sign
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Hello and welcome to The Cat Site! Well, I'm a Gemini too. So there. Anyway, here's a Blob-O-Rama of welcome for you:

I visited your web site and think your cats are beautiful! Dusty was quite the handsome fellow, eh? I know you must miss him very much. I miss my departed feline-buddies, too.

Now, don't be a stranger!


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