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My Msn

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anyone want to chat?,here is my MSN, add me to your 's.
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Guess what mine is?
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Mine is (and of course, kisamin means mykitty )
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There's always threads like this but I'll happily add mine again..
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ok I'll put mine too
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Here is mine too
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I simply cant connect to my msn, so untill I have that sorted out, I have signed up with another passport, so I also have , but is the one I want to fix and continue with.
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I don't have MSN...I should download it sometime, sounds like alot of you use it.
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It is neat you get to talk to people all over the world for FREE!!!!!! and you can send pictures also FREE!!!!!!!
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Its my favorite Message program - and I've tried em all
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mine's but i haven't been online forever with msn.. because i have dial up (ouch!) at home.. but eventually when they get hi speed in our area.. i'll be on much more!
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mine is think !
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