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Well, they say the world gets smaller and for Kate Ang in Singapore and I today it did, Following her recent posting about meeting her ex on the street and she held head up high and walked on, I asked her to contact me on MSN.
This morning, we talked on MSN for the first time and even better than that, I ended up telephoning and speaking to her direct.
The amount of friends I now have through TCS is incredible and even though we may all be thousands of miles apart, how magical it is to put more than a name to a photo but to now but a voice to it as well.
Had a great natter and she even spoke to my son (although what it was about - its a secret she tells me and so does Christopher).
Thank you for being such a great site, great people and allowing the amount of friends to grow so massively...
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That is so cool - I have never used MSN, but would like to learn how.

This is the best site - I haven't been coming here that long, but I feel so accepted by everyone already!! And it is really cool how a great site on the internet can allow close friendships to build between people who are geographically so distant from one another.
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get into MSN by going onto the MSN web site and follow the destructions - then you just need to download the stuff and that s a few seconds and away you go.
I have a few people that I go on with - Erika (San Diego) is one on TCS who has been a diamond through my problems after losing my mate the other week. That and a lot of pilot mates I fly with are on - it gets interesting at times with airplane talk alone! Bring cats into it and life is chaotic.. if get stuck I will help you
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kev - that is amazing - I talk to Kate on MSn on a regular basis and she is great to talk to, even my hubby talks to her.
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hey kev,

i'm glad i could put a voice to that picture too! Just glad that you took the effort and the money to make that long distant call... must be pretty expensive...

as for chris, it's a little secret... until the next time i see him, i wouldn't tell you about it..

Kellye, i'm not really that great... i just wanted to bring some sunshine into people's lives...
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That's great!!!

It put a smile on my face to know that people around the world are connecting and friendships are blossoming through this place.
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Originally posted by kev
...and follow the destructions

Destructions? Sorry, but that cracked me up! I always thought those were called instructions!

Anyway, It's so cool that you guys spoke! I've only spoke to one person on here & that was Hissy. She helped me desperately when I was having medical issues with Echo. Honestly, she's a sweet on the phone as she is on this message board!

Does anyone have Yahoo Messenger? My handle is michendorf@yahoo.com.
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I suddenly have an idea that MSN is gonna be very busy with us all over xmas - thats the way it should be.
Now stop reading and say hello to someone you have not done so before. It may be that they need someone to talk to without you knowing and suddenly being there for them is exactly what they need.

Best wishes

also on kevfreeflight@hotmail.com
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That is so cool! I've met Val (Princess Purr), but no one else from TCS. I would love to meet more of you "live and in person"!

PS My AIM ID is xirene101, email is xirene101@cs.com
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That's really cool.

I have msn nortiebutnice@hotmail.com
and yahoo hurried_wait@yahoo.com
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That is so great!
I would love to put a voice to the names! I agree this is such a great site, I only wish we were not that far apart geologically, then we could meet in person, that would be so great!

I am having trouble with my msn, but I would love to chat with all of you! I am also on such different time

My msn is: kisamin@mi.is
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