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Sunday Daily Thread

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Today started out great so far - the pets let us sleep until 7 AM!!

Today I need to get my house cleaned and decorated for Christmas. The house got pretty neglected for a couple of weeks while I was sick, so it really needs some work. And I have the Christmas tree up, but it's still naked!

I got all of my Christmas shopping done yesterday, but then my husband gave me my birthday present, and it is a gift card to a clothing store that I really like, so I'm going back out to shop for myself a little later. I really need some new clothes since I lost so much weight, but keep putting it off (I still want to lose about 10 more pounds). But all of my old clothes are just hanging on me, so I just need to do this. I guess I'll deal with it later if I ever do lose that last 10 pounds.

I hope everyone has a great day!!
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Get that naked tree done up - bet its a male tree - it must be as most trees are male as people hang baubles on them every year!!

Go and enjoy yourself and have a great day

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Its only 8:00 a.m. and I'm ready to commit felicide! Buddy and Rowdy will NOT stay out of the Christmas tree! A few minutes ago, I heard it rattle and dashed for the living room. Ornaments were all over the floor, branches were bent down and one was actually off of the tree. When I got to the living room, those two were hauling @$$ for all they were worth, with me screaming and chasing them. Meanwhile, Opie was reclining on the couch, watching the show.

So far, I have tried orange spray and vinegar, to deter them. If this keeps up, I'm going to buy a big crate and keep them in it, until after Christmas! Maybe, they'll calm down, after the full moon wanes.

No real plans for the day. I may pop over to the mall and hit the Hallmark store. Buddy doesn't have an ornament (although, he may get stuffed and BECOME an ornament) and I need to get a 2003 ornament, for Bill and me. I'm guessing that Bill will be taking me out to dinner, because of my birthday. He's cooking breakfast, right now.
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I got up this morning and couldn't get back to sleep......grrr! I hate it when you can't sleep in on the school holidays!

Done a few chores and stuff.. still more to go. Going out today with some friends. Boooooooooring.

Catch you all later and I hope you all have magical days
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Kev Get that naked tree done up - bet its a male tree - it must be as most trees are male as people hang baubles on them every year!!
You always crack me up

Today my husband is going to Forth Site by Atlanta for school for 2 days . So we went and got him a few new pants to wear since he has the habit to wear all his pants to work out in back with .I guess it is a man thing to do .Packed his stuff to go . Beside that I have not done anything today , good for me and I like that . I may go to church at 6 pm , since I missed this morning out .

I hope you all have a great day today
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I have been in bed allmost all day, have this cold thing with sore swollen glands in the back of my head, and muscle acke. I feel better now, the glands are not so sore, the heatacke is "better" and its just the stuffed nose and constant sneezing, but thats not so bad, just annoying.

I hope this will be even better tomorrow, as I have so many things to do for Christmas.
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Pollyanna that sounds to me you have the flue . I hope you can sweat it out tonight and feel better tomorrow
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Thanx Heidi! Yes, I really hope this will get better from now on, this is not my idea of fun I´m gonna go to bed and hope for the best tomorrow.
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