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Woohoo!! Nice job!


I swear by tuna, the only thing I will use, why bother when it works so great!


Awesome :)  :clap:  :high5:

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Two down and one to go.  Great job.

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So I caught another cat today. Only it's not the grey twin but some caramel tabby female! I think I'm starting to get in one my head here there are so many.. I saw another new one by the trap, a small pure black one now.
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Wow!    It's great that you're successful, but this might get overwhelming for you.  Have you thought about contacting your local no-kill organization for help?   They could probably help with vet costs and getting some adopted or TNR as needed. 

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The closest no kill that I'm aware of, that doesn't transfer cats to kill shelters to do their dirty work is all the way up in Seattle, called Kitty Harbor. I can see if they have room though for a few extremely lovey cats, if I can catch all of them and just make one trip up there.

It's not so much the cost as it is the surprise that there are so many! I swore it was just the three, and now it's five. I did find a home for the tuxedo, since no one has reported him missing to any vet or shelter and he had been there for over a month. The very clinic said that if anyone was looking it would have been reported by now. They said they would keep an eye out for anyone wanting to adopt the gray one though.

The tuxedo is settling in with his new family and they will be paying for his neuter and shots, so the only thing I bought was some flea medication.
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The situation is very different here in MA.    I can think of at least 6 no kill cat organizations that are less than 20 miles from my house!  


 Very happy for the tuxedo and it is a wonderful sign that he settling in so quickly.


I think it's wonderful what you are doing for these kitties.   Please keep posting as am very interested in their story.

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I think I'm calm enough to write this now, since it's been a day since the whole thing had settled. Turns out the status I've been seeing for the past month being to my neighbor that lives on the other side of a barbed wire fence. So of course my notices of found cats were ignored, until I started catching them, since they weren't lost yet.

Had to get the tuxedo back from the friend that took him in, which was a horrible feeling for me. The proper owners have them as outdoor cats, none spayed or neutered, covered in fleas, with no identification! No collars, no microchip. I have two cats myself, strictly indoor, with both identification tags and their microchips. It's so frustrating!

The neighbors mentioned that there might be a hole in the fence, and that they couldn't afford microchip right now, but that the 6 month old male kitties that I've been seeing around will get neutered next week. We will see, since not an hour later of them getting back to their home, they're running across my front yard again! I told my husband that I didn't want to give the tuxedo back to these outrun irresponsible people, but he said I had to since it is their cat... I'm going to try to find the hole in the fence and just repair it myself since they won't.
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Well that's crummy news........frown.gif


So nobody got fixed who was trapped, going right back to their old way of living, unneutered, wandering, fighting, spraying, and making lots of babies...............


They won't retrap either with the standard trap, now they will have to be trapped with a drop trap.


Bet those neighbors don't do it. Ugh.......

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yeah, we'll see what happens. either way, it's stupid. i hate irresponsible people....

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You must be feeling awful. Maybe it will be a wake-up call to he owners - at least they are thinking about neutering now.
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