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Tough Decision

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I have a cat that is a mixed breed that was inbreed that I rescued 6 years ago. His name is Uncle Louie......I took him in to be neutered at 6 months of age. To make a long story short of my past postings....Two different Vets have opened my cat up looking for the second "testicle" and have both come up frustrated. He only had "One" removed He had a testistarone<SP test back in the the spring before Uncle Louie had his last operation at that time and it came up positive so the testicle must be present. I have had him on 2 different medications within this time period He is now spraying on my walls about 1-3 times a day I do have a black light The spraying has been an on and off problem for years I have spent well over a thousand dollars in Natures Miracle and others of this type The problem is.......I love this cat very much and he is an affectionate animal.....so I tolerate more than most would. My recent vet says that he needs a "specialist" and it will cost me about $700-$1,000 bucks weither he finds the lost "testicle" or not I would pay the money if I knew for sure that it was removed. My cats are my "only" children and I am not married so they are very special to me. All ideas are appreciated on this matter. The very last resort would to put him to sleep..:
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Wow, this is a very tough situations you have. Even though you tolerate a lot, 1-3 times of spraying a day is realllly a lot to deal with, getting the smell of isn´t easy, and having to do that every day is not fun!
And the operation is very expensive, why cant they find the testicle? I mean where can it be?
I also love my cats very very much, and no matter how much it would cost, I really think I would try to do anything for them. Would it be possible to split the payments over some months? That would make this more possible.
Hope this turn out for the best!
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boy it sounds like you have tried to help this kitty, have you thought about taking him to a speicalist, they really arent as expensive as you might think, most even will set up payments.. i would say they could find it and solve your problem... hope this works out for you
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I know how you feel , I got a sprayer in my house but his was all removed . This is just teritorial (sp) with him .

Maybe you can go to the specialist and see what he/she has to say about that and maybe go from there . Also you could talk about payments there .
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I'm so sorry Bob. I know your cats are like your children and I know how hard this must be on you. Sometimes we just have to make very hard decissions. My thoughts are with you.
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Something for you to consider as you make your decision. Neutering goes a tremendous way to eliminate spraying in male cats, but as you go thru posts throughout here, you'll realize that it doesn't completely eliminate it. If he has been doing this for 6 years now, the habit could be very much ingrained in him. I guess I don't want you to assume that finding the lost testicle will be a miracle cure.

Before you spend the money on a specialist, have you attempted everything you can behaviorally to stop this? There are a tremendous amount of tips in the behavior forum on the topic, and I recently tried Cat Attract cat litter when my neutered males started spraying this summer. It has stopped with a lot of behavior correction on my end.

Good luck with your decision - I know it is a tough one!!
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Talk to the specialist and tell them how you're feeling. They'll work harder for you then and they'll probably set up payments for you. I know when Toes was going through seizures my vet set up payments and even set up and auto withdrawal from my account. I spent a couple of thousand on him that I didn't have and it WAS worth it!
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Bob- Sorry you are faced with this decision. I'm sure you'll choose the right one. Good luck.
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[ why cant they find the testicle? [/b]
It will be hanging around someplace for sure!!!!

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[ why cant they find the testicle? [/b]
It will be hanging around someplace for sure!!!!

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Its an interesting train of thought as Brandy - my cat had suddenly started again - I thought this had quit months ago but came home from work one day and the lounge stank.
It seems to be in the cooler months that this starts and yet in the summer - it does not happen - possibly cause he is outside. Could it be a seasonal thing with cats??? or I cant catcnh him when hes outside....
Brandy was snipped when he was a few months old and still does it occasionally.
I followed advice from board members and nipped him to the vet. It was a urine infection. After all of this - I now give him a tablet every so often that I can and we have a nice smelling spray free house.
We have a substance called NEUTRADOL over here - thats helped a lot in our house - can you get it out there.
You state you are not married and the cats are your children - well mate - in a world where there is so much abuse with cats - how great you are for having these ones and giving them a home. You get my vote anyday. Lot more loyal anyway, no need for university fees etc. No weddings to pay for - no getting up in the nights needing the bathroom -
Apologies for the double post earlier - double clicked the mouse.
I wish you every success.
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Oh, my! Could you possibly create a cat enclosure on a patio or within your home with walls which could be wiped down? If not, please consider finding someone who has a place where your kitty can live out the rest of his days in a happy family environment, even if that means being an outdoors kitty. It seems to me that you could spend thousands on surgery to remove his lost testical and find that the spraying doesn't stop.
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I have a periodic 'sprayer' as well - and he is neutered. So maybe the neutering only reduces the occurance rather than stop it. My Dirt does it because he is too lazy to go to the litter! If there is no medical reasons for the surgery then perhaps a re think is in order. I dont know about putting him to sleep because he sprays on the wallpaper!!!!!!!!!!
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I don't know if somebody mention this or not . But did you try Feliway plug-in ? It has helped me some with my sprayer .
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I just read this. My heart goes out to you, I can tell you love him very much and I wish I had some good advice for you, but sadly I don't. Merlin had one testicle lodged up inside him as well and the vet could not find it the first time so thought maybe he only had one. But then when he was spraying all over I had the vet do surgery again and this time they found the second one. He stopped spraying after that. Please keep us posted on what you decide. My thoughts are with you.
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