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your opinion matters

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please help us convince Deb25 to bring back her old avator. We miss her face.

We love you Deb!!!

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Hmm AP.... am I allowed to vote more than once?
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unfortunately not. I tried.
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Drat! There went my idea of this poll going in our favor no matter what. S'ok though.. I have absolute faith that everyone wants to see Deb25's face.
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me too.
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Only if she wears a feather in her hair and braids her armpits.

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I'm doing "dreds" in there, thank you very much. You can't see them because my arms are down.
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I figure the 12 lbs I recently lost was because I shaved the pits and the legs all in the same day! hehehehehe I hadn't thought of dreds!
anyways....Deb 25 - let's see your puss! -
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I'd like to see her smiling face back again too. I miss it.
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Don't forget the feathers, pale face. Umgowa!

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Come on Deb.....PLEEEEEEEASSSE?????? If we didn't really want to see it back, we wouldn't go to all this fuss!!!!!
And Donna....really....*hugs* your usual rude but extremely loving self!!! :tounge2:
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I wonder who said they liked the kitty better (could that have been the Deb herself??? )
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OK I'm already on the Nevada quest team and in-front-of-Deb's-house-rally, so I don't have to give an opinion.
I'll just vote.
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That was a personal joke between Deb25 and I. Take it anyway you'd like.

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I asked Deb if she was the one who voted for the kitty & she said no. she voted for not caring.

so who was the culprit!!?!?!?!?

who voted for the kitty avatar?!?!?
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CENTERVILLE, Iowa --(Associated Press)--The worldwide demand for a return of Deb 25's photograph has reached even this remote area, where several thousand demonstrators gathered at a "Deb We Want To See You" rally. No incidents of violence have yet been reported to authorities.

Peaceful throngs have already marched in major cities around the globe, but less populous areas such as Centerville are joining the public outcry over Deb 25's photograph having gone missing from her avatar at The Cat Site. Crowd-control experts as well as police administrators expressed hopeful optimism that violence could be averted.

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Hmmmm, they look like a pretty rowdy mob to me.... I think I'll go along with them!! Deb, get yer chops back on screen!!! (chops meaning face/cheeks here in the uk....just incase anyone was wondering..)

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Joe.. I loved that report! :LOL: Wonderful!!!!
post #19 of 25 me crazy but everytime I hear the expression"lick your chops", etc I roll around laughing hysterically! hehehehehe
Not many people understand my finding humor with this but I can't help myself!:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:

Mr have outdone yourself this time!
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Is the guy on the far right hand side of the mob by any chance available?

P.S. Whoever is hanging in there with the lone vote for the kitten, I love you!
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Yeah, the guy you mentioned is available. We had a nice long talk and I managed to get a close-up photograph of him (see below). Do you think he might be your type? (He was trying to reach you when I took the picture. It's that darned dial-up modem again!)

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Grrr, damn dial-up!

By any chance is he licensed to kill? I don't know, what are my odds of surviving those "feminine mood swings"?
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Donna, I hope I didn't offend you, I too was only joking! You know I would never say anything mean to you on purpose...
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I know, I was just joking with you. You know my sarcasm is a little DRY at times. How's everything going with you??

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Donna! I am glad you took the post in the way I meant it!! I always worry too much!!!
I am fine...thanks for asking!!! I am still bottle feeding my 2 babies...they are 2 weeks old today...eyes are open now, big handful, but well worth it!! How are you?
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