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Dressed up kitty!!!

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Why is it when you get all dressed up and happen to wearing black that is when the kitty comes snuggling up to you???

Em never was a snuggler and suddenly now that I'm ready for my staff Christmas party here he comes all purring and cute.....
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Hmm... I've often wondered that question myself. Maybe Emmitt just likes the color black or maybe he just likes new clothes period?
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That happen to me too , thats why I only dress up just when I am ready leave lol
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I have several items of clothing, made of black or deep purple velvet. There will not be a cat in sight, until I don one of these items. Then, I am the most popular person in their world! When I wear my black velvet pumps, I carry them to the back door and slip them on, just outside.
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I have lint brushes stashed all over the house - the cat sheds some, but having 2 dalmatian-mixes is a nightmare for wearing black!!!
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I have to be careful with suede shoes or boots - Pearl likes to slobber on my feet.
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I know what you mean and also why do you always spill red food on a new white top and never black? Same old same old...
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That is so typical!
I have a darkgrey, allmost black wool coat, and the other day I was in a hurry and put it over a chair at the dinner table, where the cats are not allowed. I then forgot to hang it up and the next morning - again in a hurry - I realized when I was already to late that Feykirófa had slept ON IT, and dont know if there was more hair on Feykirófa or on the coat
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I really try to avoid wearing dark colors. And if I do, I wait till the last minute to put them on. I think it's just some kind of law or something, that pets have to be attracted to you when you're wearing dark colors or fabrics that seem to hang on to fur!
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Hee hee hee I am lucky in that respect since The Sammycat is black I don't really have to worry too much about the dark clothes. I still don't like the hair on me but at least you can't see it so much. The only one I have to worry about is Oscar his hair shows up real well on black... oh well can't have it all!
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