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I hurt my wife..

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Not on purpose, I promise. last night after the decorations went up, I was sat here bashing the keys to you lot and Carol put her arms around my shoulders. Well I was horsing around as had had a few whisky to drink and I pulled her half over as if I was hauling a bag of coal.
Just my luck, I accidently squashed her left breast and she was in agony for an hour. Well shes been in pain some of today and upon examination, there is a massive amount of bruising.
I feel terrible for her - she knows it was all horsing about and no malice - would never hurt her but boy do I feel bad. Am just hoping the bruising goes as hate to see her in pain.
I just had to confess to you all!!!! I feel guilty as hell.... I was up half then night with an ear infection that is causing me hell so its not all roses.
Kev hiding head in shame.
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Kev, it happens. Once, when my s/o and I were wrestling (in fun) he banged my arm into the wall. It hurt, but I know he didn't mean it. Maybe now's the time to buy your wife a little just because present. . . I hope you both feel better soon.
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I am sorry Kev I had to laugh . Why ? This happend to me . My husband and I were hursing around and slam , I was hurt a few days . Of course my hubby were laughing his a** off , at that time I thought it was not funny at all . But now I can laugh about it .
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it's ok Kev, it happens. Hubby and I were knocking each other around once (kind of like acting like the sumo guys ), and I backed up into the corner of a wall, and it knocked the plaster off. It didnt hurt, though. I do remember when my parents were over, and my dad saw it and asked what happened .. I told him I was moving something.
Some girl at work told me something kind of funny. She said hernose was hurting, and asked what happened. I guess while her & her husband were sleeping, he thought someone was robbing their house, and punched her in the nose really hard
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Don't feel bad Kev,I broke my granddaugther's leg last week! Accidents happen,your wife know's that. but just in case you better buy her some flower's!
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I am sure knows you didn't mean to do it. My s/o has given me black eyes twice elbowing me in his sleep. He felt so bad! He also dropped a 600 lb. Harley on me once, he thought I was off, and we went all off balance. I hope both of you feel better.
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oh Kev dont beat yourself up, im sure she knows you didnt mean to hurt her.. i hope you can forgive yourself, things like that can happen, i hope she getts to feeling better soon, and as for your ear infection,,, i know what that feels like, i had one not all that long ago, it isnt any fun i know,,, hope you get over it real soon
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Kev, don´t feel bad! It is kind of funny! I mean when the bruises from the "domestic vilence (sp)" are from a fun moment, that ok
My s/o and I have laughed about one "domestic vilence" thing. It was about a week before my son was born and we were up in the familie´s summer house, which is by a lake. We were walking on slippery rocks allmost in the lake, and my s/o took my hand to help me, but pulled to hard and I was on a big slippery stone and slipped and fell and got this HUGE bruise along my thigh and my upper arm and some scratches on my elbows and hands.
We have been laughing at that "bad man" that throws his girlfriend who is allmost into labour on the slippery rocks...how mean can a person be!
Needless to say he felt really really really bad about this failure attemp to help me on the slippery rocks that day!
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Kev, Hubby's accidently hurt me too during horsing around (I had a huge bruise and skin peeled back on the top of one of my arms). I was the one that actually caused the injury because of a move I made (we were play-wrestling on the bed and I was trying to pin him down). Believe me, your wife isn't even thinking about you causing it.

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Oh, Hubby also once elbowed me in the eye one night while we were both asleep. I had a shadowed eye for a few days. But I've also accidently hurt Hubby. Usually it's an elbow in the wrong place or in the face.
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I just remembered this one time I woke up and smacked Dan in the face. He was reading at the time, I think I even broke his glasses. Still not sure what made my arm go wild like that.
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