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Saturday Daily Thread

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Unless I missed it, there's no daily thread started yet for today...

Well, I started Christmas shopping this morning at 7:30, and have finished with a bunch of it! So far the stores haven't been too crowded, but it's really starting to pick up now. I decided to come home, grab a bit of lunch, drop off a bunch of stuff, and re-group for awhile before going back out to finish. Got the dogs some new rawhide bones, so they are in doggy heaven right now. Simba doesn't like to play much, so he didn't get any new toys, just some more food and litter.

This is going so much better than I planned, I might just get my decorating done today also!

I hope everyone has a great day!!!
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I'm just getting ready to do my shopping. Luckily, I don't have much left to do. I love shopping, but I'm starting to hate the rush of shopping anymore. It's like the aisles are so crowded that I feel like I don't have much of chance to look at stuff. Once I get my shopping done, I'm coming home to relax & do a little cleaning. I swear thats all I do when I'm home...clean, clean & clean some more! I just don't know how this place can get so dirty with 2 cats, 1 fish & myself! It's the fish...he's the one who's trashing this place! LMAO!

Anyway, hope everyone's having a great weekend!!!!
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Sounds like you are having a productive day. I am at work right now betwwen interview. Only 3 more and then I can go home! Last one is scheduled for 3:30 so I should be out of herre no later then 4:30. Going to have a quiet night tonight and try to finish my Christmas shopping tomorrow.

My MIL was supposed to get out of the hospital yesterday, but she has developed a new infection so we don't know when she will be out. I hope it is soon for her sake and her hubby's - he is so stressed and she is so uncomfortable there.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!
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Had our company Christmas Party last night and it went really well! Kim and I planned and organized the whole thing, so hopefully there will be a little, um, appreciation from the owners if you know what I mean. We really went above and beyond on this party, and we had a great turnout and it seemed everyone had a lot of fun. Then Earl and I went to a bar to see our friend's band play (who has been asking us to go for about 2 years now, and this was the first time we have actually seen Moore play ). They were really good!

I'm so tired today, though. I was at the office from 7:30 a.m. until a little after 11:00 p.m., only going home for about an hour and a half total all day. Then we didn't get home from the bar until around 2:00, got to sleep about 3:30. Unfortunately my body decided that I was wide awake at 9:00 this morning. I need a nap!
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I was up and out, early. Got to Wal-Mart, at around 7:00. Grabbed a case of cat food, a box of litter and a bottle of bleach. I WISH that I knew what size shoes, that the twins wear. Wal-Mart had red glitter Mary Janes. Sam hasn't gotten back to me on that, yet.

Albertson's had a one-day meat sale, too good to pass up so, we bought groceries today. Whenever they have meat "buy-one-get-one-free", I stock up the freezer.

Bill got the carpet shampooed and, since we are having a very warm day (80 degrees), it dried quicker than expected. The tree is now up and decorated, in spite of all of the "help". As I was untangling a string of lights, Buddy tried to help, by grabbing the loose end and running off. Rowdy began pawing through the box of decorations, looking for a suitable toy. Before I was even finished, Rowdy and Buddy were trying to steal ornaments, from the bottom branches. Opie "supervised" from the windowsill.

Not content with denuding the tree, Rowdy attempted to assist with stocking hanging. The cats' and dogs' stockings are knitted, with dangling pompoms. As I picked each one up, to hang it, she snagged the pompoms and tried to run off. I may stick her into a stocking, head first and hang HER up!

Whew! After the busy day, that I've had, Bill had better take me someplace nice, for my birthday dinner tomorrow.
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Hi every one

I went and clean my church today and my son help me with it , hehehe he needs money for christmas lol . Then I had to drive him to the school so he can get dressed up for the christmas parade . I will go to the christmas parade at 6pm and will make some pics , so my son can see how everything was looking . My husband is at work and has to stay at the desk today , or he would have to be at the parade too . I don't know how to stay warm today , I am freezing today . After the parade I will be a ice block brrrr cold . Well thats about my day so far .

I hope you all have a nice weekend
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Today we went to some shops. We bought the Christmas clothes for Oliver in this great shop with great Italin childrens clothes, so I didn´t even look for Christmas clothes in another shop.
We also went to look for roller blades. We (my s/o and I) were going to give each other rollerblades last Christmas, but they are so expensive so we never bought them. But my s/o gets an amount each year from his work that is supposed to be spent for sport and clothings, and he hasnt used it this year, and it´s only good untill the end of the year. This amount would allmost cover one pair of rollerblades, so it looks like we will finally be buying them soon. I cant wait to get out and try it out!

Oliver is till cranky and feeling bad with his cold, and now I also have stuffed nose and sneezing - I really do not like it, but it will be over before Christmas, hopefully!
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My day started with a trip to the vets for an annual checkup for Pinky and Bogart. Then off to the humane clinic to finish moving them into their new building. I came home and crashed for 4 hours, waking up to what I think is that flu that is going around. After dinner, pseudofed, aspirin and a bunch of chocolate, I'm bouncing off the walls right now.

I linked up a woman at work with a rottweiler/bull mastiff mix this week successfully, and found a home for an abandoned burmese about 30 minutes ago. Both were going to be PTS. I'm going to transport a group of kittens from animal control to a no-kill shelter tomorrow (their PTS date was to be this Thursday). The heck with the flu, the kittens need to be saved. Woo hoo!

So I'm having both a good day and bad. Here's hoping the flu doesn't hit me too hard!!
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I worked today all day. Other then that, I did absolutely NOTHING! what a lazy bum I am!(and I like it that way! LOL!)
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we had a busy day today,we went christmas and grocery shopping
came home put the tree up and decorated the house,then me
and the kids baked some cookies WHEW! im wore out but we
all had a blast
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Hi Guys. I had a lovely day today I started off the morning baking sausage rolls and eating a wondeful breakfast of melons. Then it was off for the Wellington Cat Club AGM BBQ & Meeting. I was there for the whole day it was lovely and we had a gorgeous meal and Wellington put on such lovely weather. Now I'm doing house stuff like looking after 5 day old kittens!

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.Sam.
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