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The cats are nuts today! They have not settled down to sleep yet!!! Is it full moon? They are being so destructive, hyperactive, and annoying!!!!!!!!!

Are any of your cats nuts today by any chance???
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Mine are slinking and dashing about, looking for a "safe place". First, the "vacuum monster" was spreading its reign of terror and, once that was banished, the "carpet shampoo monster" made its appearance.

Opie was feeling quite safe, on top of the washing machine. Then, I came in to transfer a load into the dryer and put in another washload. Today, there is NO "safe place".
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Probably the weather. . . . my cats have been a bit hyper also . . . woke me up this morning.
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Sorry Kellye! Pepper is acting just fine today - so far at least. But Autumn my bunny is acting very nuts! She's in her playpen and just having a grand time jumping from one side to the other and rattling the bars to make tons of noise, and tossing her little bell toys in and out of her basket and clanging her litterbox up against the side as well. She certainly loves to make a racket, and doesn't care that she started at 7am on a weekend lol!

Hope your guys settle down!
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Same here. My 4 cats are really hyper and grumpy also. I was eating cereal while reclining on the couch this morning when Taz started to chase Spike and Spike decided to jump on me... Wanna guess what happened?? Of course, cereal and milk went everywhere on me and the couch.

POOR Taz (foster cat) has a DEEP and LONG scratch on his nose and cheek given by one of my grumpy cats given this morning. I think they are getting fed up with him cuz I've had him for over a month now I think. It's frustrating for me and I want better for Taz but don't know what to do about Taz and my cats.

This morning, Taz for the first time, came up and curled up between my legs on the couch to sleep and when Buddy came up to sleep (that's his fav place) and saw Taz sleeping in HIS place, he freaked out- started hissing and bopping Taz on the head. Taz was too stubborn so Buddy got all huffy and left. (Buddy is the most possessive cat regarding me and will warn other cats and people off if they try to invade his space/time with me).

All morning the cats have been hissing and swatting at each other AND trying to attack POOR Callie (feral) thru the sliding door. Poor Callie is huddled up against the sliding door so when she hears the cats thudding against the door, it makes her jump so she can't relax. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY SHE DOESN'T GO FIND SHELTER TO KEEP HERSELF WARM AND DRY INSTEAD OF HUDDLING IN FRONT OF MY DOOR GETTING WET WITH ALL THE SNOW. JEEZ.

I think it's the snow- it's making everyone grumpy (INCLUDING ME!)
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Last night was the first night I let Roxy sleep in the house.. Usually he gets the garage because he's a kinda nuts exferal.. But I felt bad because when I found him he was freezing in the snow and it was snowing and awww memories.. BUT I think he's crazy, he kept waking me up to stare at me and I seriously was scared if I went to sleep he would kill me. Around 6am he started going nuts and jumping against the door so i let him out. I think he's scared to use the litterbox in here, he'll go in it but won't use it.. hm.
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Mine have been crazy for the last 24 hours or so! Merlin was a major pest all night long needed love and attention. If I ignored him he just kept meowing and sticking his cold nose on me until I scritched him! He came close to being strangled after the 10th time he did this!
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I'm sorry to say but you wouldn't even know we had cats.. they are all sleeping!shhhhhhh
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Faile is sleeping, and I think Molly is, too. They were playing this morning, but I was already awake so it wasn't a problem. I enjoyed watching them, Faile was in an empty cardboard storage box, which is now upside down. I could see her one eye through a hole that is the handle. Molly was sitting looking at the box, trying to figure out how to get in, too. There were very funny.
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Sorry Kellye but my kid and my half kid are sound asleep so far this afternoon. Maybe Peedoodle and Kahu will calm down more later as they get tired.
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They are finally sleeping, thank goodness. And together! Woohoo! Only problem is Kahu tries to set Peedoodle off to play while Peedoodle tries to sleep - he is such a brat LOL
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It's a quarter moon, actually. JC has been kind of weird all day - he has spent most of the time draped around my shoulders or hanging down my back. He's generally not overly cuddly for long periods, but today he is being extremely loving.
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It's a full moon here in California. I remember looking up at a round full moon last night. Isn't it the same in all area's?
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I just checked the calendar and the total full moon is on Monday. This is just the run-up!
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Ah that figures!!!!!!

*braces myself for the onslaught*
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At least of one of mine is always acting crazy. The new little one, Pepe' is about tho drive the rest of them nuts. Poor Pearl has retreated to the closet. I may go join her.
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Yeah, I just looked it up, too. It's not too nutso here yet. There was a little hijinks at breakfast time, but mostly quiet the rest of the day. However, now we know to be prepared for the crazies.
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