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I think I'm gonna kill a cat tonite !

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Not really, I don't have it in me to do bodily harm to anything (except the hubby occasionally!), and part of this is my own fault!
Some days, Tigger goes outside. His genes are feral and he still wants outside to run and rip some. We are about 2 1/2 miles from any traffic, so he's pretty safe. But sometime in the last few days, he apparently has found some poision oak ! I know this because he has headbutted me and I now have it between my nose and my lip! All red, bumpy and sore, couple it with allergies acting up and nose blowing is a bad thing! ARRRGGH!!!
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Ouch! Sounds very painfull! Have you tried any of the Posion Ivy remedies over the counter yet? The is one call Ivy Dry that works really well.
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What a naughty boy! I have no advice but to send you *feel better soon vibes*
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Ouchie Cindy*hugs* I will send you some feel better and heal vibes right away.
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It sounds to me that Tigger wont get anything this year from SantaClouse , since it was so naughty to do that

I hope you get to feel better and it wont spread all over .
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Thanks guys, I manage to ignore it as long as I don't have to blow my nose or look in the mirror at it! Am using some prescription cream that the Dr. gave DH the last time he got into poision oak and it seems to be drying it up, but it makes the area under my nose look like its raw and bloody, yuk!
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Heheh... if I hadn't recognized your user name I would have thought you were a forum troll, until I read the thread of course. What a mischeivous kitty!
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Sorry, I was snickering when I saw the title, and was thinking, "Uh-oh, what naughtiness has that cat gotten up to!!"

Hope it doesn't spread, glad you had some cream for it. Wipe silly boy's head too so it doesn't spread when he goes to 'mark' the furniture.
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IM reporting you to the police.
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Tsk Tsk Tigger lol
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