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I don't know if some of you remember, but I posted before Thanksgiving about a stray that we found (about potty training her, having her get along with my cats, etc...).

Anyway, we decided that it would be better for her to go to the shelter to find a family that might better suit her - she was very timid and didn't get along with our 2 kitties. We thought that she may be happier to be an only cat.

We took her to the SPCA and my boyfriend took her in - I couldn't, I was crying too much. It was such a hard choice to make but we thought we were making the right decision. He ended up coming back out with her, and said to me, "Congratulations, you're going to be a grandmother!" Turns out she was pregnant and wouldn't take her. Them rejecting her was actually a blessing - she is getting along great here and I love her so much.

So here's my questions. First of all, why would the SPCA reject her if she was pregnant? They advertise that they're devoted to helping animals, but they told us they're not a "foster home." Wouldn't they rather take care of her than see her on the streets? Also, I thought the SPCA was a no-kill shelter - I read the post about the list of no-kill shelters and didn't see it on there. Am I wrong?

Like I said, I'm glad they rejected her because she's actually adjusted well. We travel a lot and we were worried about how she would deal with that, but she's great (our other two kitties love travelling - they own my truck). I'm just curious about these points. Thanks in advance for any answers.
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Pregnant cats are a lot of work...you have to watch them for signs that they are about to give birth and you must be there to ensure that the kittens and the cat come out of the experience ok. Most no kill organizations will only take pregnant dogs and cats when they have a foster family who is willing to take care of the cat and the kittens until the kittens are ready to leave their mother to be adopted...that is at least a 9 week commitment depending on how far along she is. The SPCA, like other organizations, probably needs the space for other Urgent situations.

What I would suggest you do..although you probably will not like hearing this...is to take the cat to get spayed. Yes, that means aborting the fetuses...but as you know we do have an overpopulation at the moment and you will need to ask yourself..are you ready for the commitment of taking care of all the babies until you can find them homes? What about making sure that the kittens get fixed too so that they don't have kittens?? Having seen the overabundance of kittens and cats waiting for loving homes...I would rather terminate a life that hasn't been born..than one that already has been.

Ultimately you will need to make that decision...but really think long and hard about what it will take to have these kittens be born and also their chances.

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Originally posted by TNR1

Having seen the overabundance of kittens and cats waiting for loving homes...I would rather terminate a life that hasn't been born..than one that already has been.

Very well said.
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I simply asked about the SPCA policies, not about how anyone felt about the situation. We are very excited that she is having kittens and actually have a few family members and friends that are eager to have a new kitten. I would NEVER terminate the life of any living thing.
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I volunteer with a spay/neuter clinic and yes..we do abort fetuses. It IS sad...but I feel less sad about that then the 61,156 cats/kittens that were PTS in Virginia in 2002...that is the reality and I think it isn't much different in Ohio.

Since you have decided to have the kittens...then at least make sure they are all spayed/neutered and have the cat spayed as well...there really isn't a need for more cats..and kittens can get pregnant at 4 months of age.


P.S. My 2 cats are actually from my friend's cat's 4th litter (she kept getting out before they could fix her)...but looking back, I really wish my friend would have spayed her cat earlier so I could have adopted 2 kittens that were in the pound and were possibly going to be PTS.
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