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Hello,I am new to this site

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Hi,this is my first time at the cat site. I live in Connecticit with my roomate, Tiggeytoes, and our 7 cats. We have K.C., who is 11, Katie who is 7,Bear who is 3, Fritzie who is 2, Smudge who is 1, Ferris who is 1, and Our little Rocky who is 3 months. This Saturday we will be taking Ferris to the cat show. that should be fun
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I love your user name. trixabella is really pretty. is there any significance to it?

welcome to TCS & have fun at the cat show this weekend!!!!!!!!
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Hiya! Welcome to The Cat Site! Have fun at the cat show! I look forward to seeing you post more! How wonderful to have you here!
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Trixibella; Welcome, WELCOME, "welcome" to 'yall!!! What a FUN household you and Tiggeytoes have with all those "furry babies" :
I envy you getting to go to a Cat Show this weekend. Are you entering one of your babies? OR Just going as spectators? We are happy to have you wih us and look forward to sharing with you. :jarswim:
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Welcome to the cat site! I know you will enjoy it!
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Oh oH.. where in ct do you live????
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Welcome to The Cat Site! You'll love it here!
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Hi and welcome. I have a Rocky too. He is about 5 mons. black and white and a wild man
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I want to thank all of you for your welcome.

Airprincess: friends gave the name /Trixabella to our cat Trixie. Trixie was her real name, but the name Trixabella stuck. She loved men and their lap was hers regardless if they wanted her there or not. We lost Trixie nearly a year ago. Now we feel she is sending us the unwanted furbaabies to us. Her kitty angel wings help to guide them to us. So far we have saved 3 babies since we lost Trixie. Trixie was very special to me, and using her name makse me feel good. Trixie was a long haired pure white cat.

Threeleggedcat: yes, we are entering Ferris. He may not be the fanciest cat in the show, but to us he is the best. Imagyne: We live in Uncasvill, CT....land of the Mohegan Sun.
Elinor: Our Rocky is gray and White. He is 3 minths old....and he too is a wild man kitty!
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Welcome to TCS! I hope Ferris does real well in the show and that you all have lots of fun!
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Trixabella....your story about your cat Trixie, was so sad. As soon as I saw your nickname, I wanted to call you Trixie....I was 5 years old when we got Trixie. She was a Spitz dog. I would kill to have another Spitz. She was so loving......I named her Trixie when I was only 5, and she lived until I was 23. Long time to love a dog....felt like I lost part of my family.
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Oh and Welcome by the way, I am sorry i forgot to say that....I got all emotional!!! I am glad you have joined us...may I call you Trixie?
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Welcome Trixabella!!
I'm sure you'll enjoy it here!!!!
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Debby, Yes you may call me Trixie. I had a dog I loved when I was a teenager, and he got hit by a car , I still miss my Rex.
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Hey Trix,

Welcome to the site!

You'll have to excuse Imagyne, his brain has been fried from all the drugs his mother forced him to take as a child (only kidding Ken)

Ferris did great for his first time in a cat show. I love his looks. I hope you'll enter him again in December. The more he shows, the easier it should be.

It was great seeing you and Tiggeytoes this weekend! Sorry I couldn't spend more time explaining the whole shpeel but learning to clerk took up alot of time on Saturday. Ahem! Oh Imagyne, care to pipe in here??? (Imagyne made me do it.)

Hope to see you again soon!

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Hello and welcome to The Cat Site! Here's your Blob-O-Rama:

I'm glad your beloved Trixie is guiding unwanted cats to your home. Surely they shall all find attention and love there!

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