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Anyone heard of this?

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I had Pinky in for his checkup this morning and the little bum gained a pound over the last year (and I thought he was staying stable from his previous loss from 18 to 15 pounds). He's up to 16 pounds, is overweight but not grossly so, but still I'm concerned. I talked to my vet for a while on weight control for him, and he acknowledges that in my household, that barring locking him up in his own room, weight loss is going to be difficult. We have him on exercise and no snacks, but obviously this isn't enough.

He mentioned that he heard of a product that consists of a combination feeding station and collars that you can put on your cat. The collars are programmed so that the cat can only approach certain feeding stations to eat. He didn't know much more than this. I thought about it on the drive home, and suspect it would have to have to negative deterrent (shock blast, loud sound, etc) to keep them away.

Has anyone ever heard of this? I'd love to research it, but wouldn't even know how to begin a google search on it.
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Two suggestions:

The low tech method is one that I used successfully. Get a big heavy box. Cut a small hole about 4-5" up from the floor level (same height as kitty belly), only large enough for the smaller cats to get in, but not big enough for Pinky to enter. Put food inside and show kitties where it is. I also cut little holes in the sides for light. Don't cut the hole too big. A lot of a kitty is just fur so measure just the waistline, not the fluff.

The other more high tech solution is to empty out a big cupboard or buy a wooden cabinet that you can close securely. Place one of those electronic pet doors on the cabinet sides that only open when the pet wears a certain kind of collar. Place food inside cabinet and put collars on all kitties except Pinky.

Good luck!
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Hmmmm...I've never seen a food bowl like that, but there are electromagnetic and infrared pet doors that only open for the pet with the sensor on its collar - the electronic pet doors Maui mentioned.



Though I think the box idea is probably more affordable, if it will work for you.
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I have seen feeders that open for the remote sensor on the cat's collar. It was recommended for outdoor cats/dogs to prevent raccoons and such from eating their food. I have also seen feeders that will open at a preselected time so you can put out several days worth of food before travelling. Darn, now I wish I could remember where I saw them. I know it was in a catalogue..... I'll try to find it and post the phone #.
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I haven't seen an electronic device that works with positive association.

I'd use the low tech method.
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