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Need  a fairly quick question answered & have to decide today.  My little beauty Rizzo does not want to does not want to come back for sometime.  He is having fun so it may be a few years,if ever.  At the shelter we got in a Himalayan Seal Point Tortie Siamese.  Not sure if this is a breed but I saw some on the internet.  We don't get this kind of cat in very often if at all.  I am still in the sobbing stage for Rizzo.  Not everyday for hours anymore but still really miss him.  At first I thought it was way too soon but I am so lonely.  What do you guys think about getting this cat so soon after Rizzo's departure?  This cat has blue eyes & is very sweet & friendly.

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Only YOU know if you are willing to open your heart to another baby. You will never replace Rizzo, I know he would be pleased that you are taking his legacy of love that he left you and are passing it down to another who so desperately needs someone to love. If you are lonely, a new precious soul will distract you from your pain, and even though it may take a while, will demand that you give her attention and a piece of your heart. My two boys have been a Godsend to get my mind off of my loss. If you take on this responsibility, do it in Rizzo's name. he will watch over you both from above and never be far from you, your treasured memories will bring you comfort if they need to. You are suffering from a tremendous loss, this little Himalayan may begin to fill that void and help you heal that huge hole in your heart. The pain and grief you are feeling may be compounded by your loneliness, everyone needs a little joy in their lives to begin to live again. Good luck and bless you for loving so much!  

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Mogli came to live with us eight days after our beloved Jamie's death. I called him my feline grief counselor, and he's certainly been that. Follow your gut instinct and don't worry about the "proper" time to wait before adopting again.
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Get it. Only good will come of it. RiZzo would want you to be happy and have love around you. Getting a new cat will provide that.
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Thanks everyone!.  I got her!  Won't be able to bring her home for a week because I am leaving for vacation for a week.  A friend is keeping her for now.

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Keep us posted!!!

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Well done Riley. You will fall in love with her and vice versa. RiZzos memory will forever live on and a new one will be born.
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can't wait to hear how it's going! Pictures please smile.gif
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