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New website!

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I just had to tell everyone on the site that I have EVENTUALLY created a website! This is my first bash at it, so I hope there will be no snickering ..... but please visit my site and tell me what you think. I will definitely work on it some more and promise that you will see an improvement before long!

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Very nice site you have . All of your babies are so pretty , the grown ups and the kittens .
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OMG! That's so much better than my first try and even better then the one I have now, which is like my 8th try!

Well done! It's great! and also kudos to you, that's exactly what we feed our kittens.
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Well Done..
Looks fine to me and I design web sites .. lol

here is one I did for a friend

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Leviugga I checked out the site you did for your friend. I'm very impressed. I am also very jealous that you can do "Flash". I have tried and tried and tried, and I just can't get the hang of it.
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Leviugga wow you did a great job on that site , I am very impressed .
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Krissi try this on your front page and see what you think ..I can edit the colour to the correct shade if it doesn't match
and thanks guys .. I only do it for a hobby!
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Nice site! Interesting, but uncluttered, easy to get around -- and of course populated with pretty kitties! Congratulations.
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Thanks everyone! And thanks for the picture with the correct colour background. I definitely want to work on the pictures, but wanted to get the site up and running as soon as possible.
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Krissi you are most welcome...anything I can help you with I would be more than happy to do so.

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