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Our D.T. for tuesday

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Finally Monday is over!

hope everyone had a great weekend. yesterday was a 15 hour day for me, so I just feel like I have just emmerged from a daze.

My weekend was awesome. I had a friend in town that I have known for 22 years. We had such a blast. did a TON of shopping.

has anyone here ever been to Ikea? I swear that place is the closest thing to heaven on earth I've ever seen. If you've been there you know what I'm talking about.

Stevie Nicks was incredible. If you're a fan you should try to catch the show. she does a lot of fleetwood mack tunes. She's really, really nice as well. A class act. She 'gets' it. a beautiful lady.

I combined the 2 current recipe threads so that everything was in once place. there were some really great recipes on both of them so I thought it would be nice to be able to find them all at once. hope no one minds.

have a great day everyone! :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower:
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Thanks airprincess

Love the recipe thread. Copied a few recipes gonna try soon.

My mon was quiet. Today the Kingsport version of "Welcome Wagon" is coming over so I cleaned better than usual (did niece's rooms). Still packing boxes sitting around but they're neat(?).

Thurs I'm going to Grandfather Mountain, NC. It's supposed to be about 2 hrs away. I'm going to see Uncle Rufus in VA on Fri and OH on Sun to Great-grandma McLaughlin's family reunion (my dads grandma). Spend alot of time on the road, but I'm loving being retired w/o rent!!

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Well, I woke up this morning to phone call from my mother.. which put me in a very good mood because I don't get to talk to her much. Found out she and her boyfriend just bought a new house back in the town she grew up and went to school in. It's like 45 minutes from Houston. She's happy.. so I'm happy.

Immediately I started cleaning. What joy! The kitchen is clean and laundry started. Jake was trying to crawl up on our bed today and I was laying on my stomach.. he jumped up and went to dig his claws in to pull himself up. Well it just so happened one of his paws landed on my back instead of the bed. So I have a really long scratch on my back. Craig played doctor and put peroxide and neosporin (sp) on it.

You know AP. A friend of mine told me Ikea was the absolute best place in the world to buy furniture. I have never been but Craig and I both agreed to check the nearest one out since we are moving into a new place and need furniture. I'll get back to you and let ya know what I think

Looks like Tuesday is gonna be just like my Monday. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, and then... even more cleaning!
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not only is Ikea have amazing stuff, they are cheap!!!!! that's the beauty of it. it's very reasonable. good quality stuff that is affordable.
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Sounds like my kinda place.. I can't wait to go look around. Craig is wanting to get leather furniture for the living room. I'm trying to talk him out of it because if the babies claw it up he'll be livid!

The fun begins.. Craig is not an easy person to persuade. Heeeelp!
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ya, leather furniture doesn't sound like a good idea. I've never had any experience with leather furniture/cats but sometimes it's better to just cut something off at the pass, and that sounds like that could be disasterous.

better to avoid it if you can.
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LOL, looks like I managed to throw this thread off course. To get it back on course...

AP, hopefully when we go to Ikea I can help him find something that he likes that is NOT leather. I' keeping my fingers crossed. Does Ikea have a nice selection of furniture?
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they have a decent selection. not sure if the website shows what they have or not.

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Cassie; Just one question: Are you related to Sandie??? With all the cleaning, one wonders. . . . . OR Perhaps you are nesting, and you know what that means. . . . .Craig is in for something more than just "leather furniture"!!!

To get back to the Daily Thread; It is going to be HOT HOT HOT here in the middle of our country today. They are predicting a Heat Index of 115 to 120. I would like to find the Meteorologist who thought that broadcasting this Heat Index S**T was such a good idea! :pinky: Like, we don't already know how miserable we are ? ? ? ? :jarswim:
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I had a dr. appt. this morning. I lost 1/2 a pound. And the baby is still head down. Right now I have this uncontrollable craving for watermelon. Good thing I stopped and bought some on the way home.
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Well, it's a depressing day for me, as summer vacation ends at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow. So today I had to do the last minute hair cut, because you can't go back looking the same as when you left in June. I already have more work to do than there is time to do it in, and from what I hear, I face a year of zero raise. Yuk. Excuse me while I go hang myself.
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Deb - I can't believe summer vacation is almost over. Here school starts up on August 13. It seems like the kids hardly have a summer break at all anymore. Sorry that you'll have to be working again...

The kids and I drove home from Austin today. Our usually 3 hour trip took 5 hours due to a terrible traffic accident. It was very scarey, but I'm glad my kids are safe. If I had left a few minutes earlier we could have been involved.

I need to get cleaning this afternoon, but I just can't seem to get up. My husband has been home for 5 days by himself, so the place is just wrecked. I don't know why some men just can't pick up after themselves. Also have to go to the grocery store and get some food. The fridge is pretty bare.

Gonna be a fun afternoon.
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Kinda late to post. A really hot day today. We dont have any airconditioning so my son and I went to the movies this afternoon. Saw Planet of the Apes. It was quite good. I loved the old ones too.
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I'm even posting on this later that the rest of you. It is about 6:45pm here in the East. Damned work!!!!
Today was gorgeous here - sunny and warm - but not humid! Hot flashing - middle aged - fat women HATE the humidity!hehehehehe
Spent time on the front porch trying to coax my two remianing feral kittens to come to me - no luck agian today....will try again tomorrow!
My 17 yr old son is off to the drive-ins with his girlfriend. I hate him driving so late at night - about 20 miles from home. Believe this one and I will tell you another. They are going to see Dr. Doolittle 2! Yeah right!!! I remember the drive-ins myself and we didn't do a lot of movie watching!
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Okay, I guess Mon and Tues are over now!!
TLK...LOL You know I was a PIG until my last 2 months of pregnancy and you see where I am now. It seems my whole life revolves around cleaning. It rained one day at Cape Cod so I cleaned Rene's cottage with my mom...What a nut I am.
We have been pretty lucky here in CT. We had a few really hot days last week, but this week it has been nice enough to turn the air off and open all the windows and doors. I am afraid it's just a reminder that winter will be here too soon!
I am just trying to get through the week so the weekend will get here. I am going to a cat show here in CT. The best part is that the munchkin I sold to the couple in MA are bringing her to the show. I can't wait to see how big she is. I bet she looks just like her sister.
School here for my daughter doesn't start until Aug 30th. We still have one more fun filled month of summer vacation. Of course I have to get up at 530 no matter what time of year it is dang it!!!
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