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Help - I Have An Escape Artist Kitty Living With Me!

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I have a problem with my younger cat, Reebok, making a beeline out of the door as soon as I open it. It's gotten to the point where I have to constantly but firmly tell him no and/or gently but firmly push him away from the door with my foot. I have tried using a squirt gun, but sometimes he still manages to escape and run out the door. I live upstairs in an apartment-style condo, and he is downstairs before I know it. How can I put a stop to this? Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.
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If he is not neutered, then neutering him will help. Hanging scented air fresheners from the door (lemon scented) will work, or spraying around the door with a lemon scented air freshener (but not lysol) will work as well. If there is some way you can put some sort of barricade up before he gets to the door that would help, if you have a narrow hallway by your door. I even know one lady who got a tape of a bunch of dogs barking, and left the tape machine on when she left for work. The noise scared the cat away from the door, and when the tape got to the end of the reel it quit-
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Thanks for your suggestions, I appreciate it. Reebok is neutered, but he used to be a stray cat before I got him. I keep him strictly indoors now, and I think he might miss not being outdoors, and that is why he tries to run out the door every time it is opened.
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On my way in the door, I kick it with my foot and any cat on the inside will run away. I've tried the kick on the way out and it is sometimes successful. I also chase them away bending over and clapping my hands at their head level height.
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What you will want to do is create negative associations with the door. Then you'll want to reinforce the negative associations every month or so to keep the memory fresh.

Here's how to create the negative associations:

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Hmm...I was wondering, do you have any toys for Reebok to play with? A few toys available for him may allow him to pounce on them or carry them around. Do you have a scratching post for him to scratch his paws on in place of a real tree? These can make indoors be more comfortable and similiar to what life may have been while he was outdoors. If you can, place the scratching post near a window so Reebok can see outside. You'd be amazed at what he can find fascinating outside.
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