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I've bumped into my ex on the streets yesterday! I never expected it to be soon. He was standing outside the washroom, apparently waiting for his girlfriend.. my girlfriend, tugged at me and we walked on... he was looking in my direction, maybe hoping that i would acknowledge him but I had fears in me.. i just merely walked away... after that brief moment, i felt everything that i had buried in my mind seem to come back again... once again i broke down, crying for all the hurt he has done to me and the child that he made me abort such that he can be with that girlfriend. it's just so tough to meet him again but yet i wished to know how is he and is he well... F*** why do I have to feel this way!!!
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You can do WAY better than him. But I know it still hurts. It will get better with time. *hugs*
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(((((Kate Ang))))I am on MSN messenger if You need to talk or vent.
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thanks guys... i know i shouldn't be feeling this way... i just wanted to vent... i'll be fine in a while..
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Kate, I am so sorry you had to run into him!
I know exactly how you feel. When we see those "creeps" again, all the hurt and anger comes to the surface. I cant give you any advise, since I am still struggling with this after so many years. Even when I think I see him I become the size of an ants head...The only thing that works for me is to not run into him, I just wish I could controll that
I hope you will feel better soon!

"Life is tough, but we all need to bounce back!" - This is what a good friend said to me, and I like to belive that we always will, it just sometimes takes longer than we want...
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thanks pollyanna... i know what you mean when you say the best solution is not to see him... i wish for that too...
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Oh Kate , my heart is going out to you ((((((HUGS)))))) and I really feel for you . I have bin hurt befor too in my life , so I know how it feels like . And it will be hurting you for a long time . But in time the hurt will get better and you will have peace in your heart . One day he also will get his pay back , I strongly belive on that too . Just hold fast on the good moments right now and try to live one day at a time . You know you can come in here any time to vent
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I know it still hurts. But I think you did the right thing. And I have a hunch that each time something like this happens it will hurt a little less. (((kate)))
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Oh Kate sweetie. I'm sorry this had to happen, It's going to tough for awhile but it will get easier.. I'm so sorry you had to deal with this. Hugs & love always. ((( ))) Sam.
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Kate - I am leaving for the office in a few mins - I have to work this saturday am- however, will be back this afternoon and in most of tomorrow. Hook onto MSN for me - use : kevfreeflight@hotmail.com and will have a natter with you.
I am personally proud that you walked past the ex - now hold up the head and I will catch up with you a little later

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Oh hon I"m so sorry you had to run into that a@@hole. I"m glad you had the courage to hold your head high and walk right past him, I bet he didn't know what to think when you did that! I"m so porud of you girl!! Don't ever let him get you down, that's just what they want, and it ticks them off to know that we DO survive without them and move on to find better!
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Thank you guys once again!!! This time round, it took me one day to get over that feeling.. I know I can still stand tall!
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