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My sister, the cat purrson

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GK and her husband RG are pet people. Her fur babies are niece-cat Fred (a feral baby she rescued), nephew-cat Barney (a toss away who weighed 20 lbs at his last apt), and now-nephew-cat Sox (a tuxedo who used to own me), a niece-dog Hula-girl and a nephew-bird (cockatiel) BB (Betty Bird).

Her problem: BB is a boy with a girls name. Fred doesn't know he's a girl (maybe she's gay?) Barney thinks he's a dog because he was so tiny when he went to live there that my nephew-dog Buddy taught him everything he knows (Buddy went to the bridge last Dec and Barney still misses him). Hula-girl thinks shes a cat.

Last Aug I went to CA on holiday and Sox and Salem stayed with RG and GK. When I came home, Sox had adopted RG and wouldn't leave.

Barney loves fetch, hair-ties and foam balls. He brings em back and drops em right in your hand to throw again.

Hula-girl is still a puppy but very jealous. She sleeps in their favorite spots. She walks over anything to get where she wants and loves to jump in your lap (she is NOT small).

Fortunately the dog next door runs with her so some part of her knows shes a dog. They dig holes under the fence to visit each other, RG & GK are trying to stop that but not the visits.

I love my babies but I miss visiting my niece/nephew pets too.

Thanks for letting me share.

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WOW!!!!!!!! That sounds like such a mixed up group, but also a very sweet bunch that have lots of love to give!!!!! Let us know how they are!
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I have a new unwanted family member, GK has been adoped by a black garden snake.

Hula took some stuff to the back yard. RG was taking an umbrella inside when he spotted a "nest" in the tangerine tree. It moved, he jumped, the tree started shaking ... he grabbed the dog and went inside. He hasn't checked the back yard yet.

GK says it can stay but she'll stay inside!!
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