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Why doesn't she like being petted??

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I'm just curious....my sweet angel Daisey whom I have had since she was 9 weeks old - she is now 1 1/2 years old...has never really been a lover...will not sit in my lap and only lets me hold her for a minute providing I am only carrying her from room to room! If I pick her up to try and cuddle....it is a battle of wills with her getting very cross and struggling like crazy and making an extreme high pitched growling and meowing and has even gently bit me on the hands on a few occasions.

Although....all that said...she can be very affectionate in her own little ways which I totally adore....she is like my shadow and will always follow me about and sit with me while I am in the bath. If she is sitting on the sofa...she will allow me to cuddled up beside her and be petted. She is very clingy to me but I just can't figure out why she won't let me give her loads of loving. She sees Blossom getting cuddled and should therefore understand that it is not a bad thing!

I'm not complaining as I love Daisey beyond words...but little confused.
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Daisey , some cats are like that and will never change .I have some cats too like Raffael is one of them and I also had him since he was about 9 weeks old . But I just take him how he is and will pet him on his turns and thats about all I or you can do about that .
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I agree, some cats are just different that way in personality. I have a similar type of cat. I also had Sarah since she was 9 weeks old and she is now only a few months older than your cat.

Mine doesn't growl while being held or get upset, but she wiggles and wiggles. She is just different in how she likes to show affection. She loves to follow me all around and play. Her favorite way to greet me is for me to bend down so she can knock her head on my forehead.

Just be sure you find out how your cat likes to receive affection and honor that.
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she's beautiful
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I agree with the others. Koko, who was orphaned at 10 days and hand weaned by my husband and I does not like to be picked up at all. She'll sleep on your legs but don't try to constrain her! Most hand weaned orphans are little cling-ons due to their human mom bonding. Go figure - some cats are just not snugglers.
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You just described my kitty Penny. Getting picked up is not one of her favorite things. She will wiggle 40% of the time as if to say "Enough. Please put me down."

BUT she loves to sleep in the bed behind my knees, loves to follow me from room to room and is receptive to petting 70% of the time. And her all-time favorite spot as if to prove she loves me is my stomach when I'm lying down. She actually fell asleep there once! I was so amazed and so was she when she woke up and realized what she did. She's a mixed bag & I don't have a problem with that.
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Yknow I wanted to post a thread about Saki. He is so weird. He's almost 5 months and I've had him since 2 months. He almost doesnt like to be pet! I reach out to pet him and he ducks. But when he wants attention he will stand by our feet and meow until we pick him up, then he will head bonk our faces and lick our ears lol. But trying to pet him for some reason he only likes it sometimes
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One time I had a friend over and he wanted to pet Sarah. She rolled over on her back and stuck all four feet straight in the air to block him from touching her. It was as though his hands had magnetics, she looked like a little ropped calf the way her feet were together and would follow his hand to block getting pet. It was very funny.
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Yep, you described Suzy, too. Not a cuddler, doesn't like being picked up, will tolerate it in some circumstances for a few seconds, but basically does the "let me down NOW!" number. But she does curl up behind Rob on the computer chair and occasionally will opt for his lap -- but very much on HER terms. Also, the ducking from a hand reached out to pet.

But you know what? We fought it somewhat at first, and then just let her be who she is -- in the long run, she's learned that who she is is OK with us, and now she's somewhat more forthcoming. But she'll never be a mushy kitty.

They're such individuals!
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Kayla is very particular too. If she doesn't want to be petted, she will shrink or flinch away, ears back and everything. Don't even mention carrying her. Touching has to be on her terms, SHE'LL come to YOU if she wants petting. Then, she's such a cuddlebug, kneading and purring away.

I get an exemption, 'cause I'm her Mommy and I tell her "I have to pet you, it's not my fault you're so cute". She seems to understand that and will tolerate a few pets, and even a cuddle sometimes, to get it out of my system.
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Trying to make a cat want to be held and pet when they don't want to is a no-win situation. She looks at you then as a predator and not a friend. Don't pick her up or force her to be stroked. Even with cats who have been fixed, petting will sometimes stimulate them and make them uncomfortable and they will want to get away. You want a wonderful lap kitty? Ignore her then, see to her needs, don't pet her or pick her up unless there is an emergency and in no time she will turn to you and head bonk you and ask you to be stroked, but let her make the moves, not you.
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Sphinx is like that too. He normally isn't big on being petting or having too much attention, but he'll head-butt you when he wants some.
He also isn't a cuddler or likes being picked up so I avoid it unless he's going to the vet, medicines, or getting a bath (only when he needs it, he has problems with cleaning his rear on occasion).
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Originally posted by hissy
Trying to make a cat want to be held and pet when they don't want to is a no-win situation.
Hissy, you're certainly right. In case anyone misreads my post, I want to point out that it took a year for Kayla and I to develop our 'understanding' where I can pet/pick her up after I've talked to her first, and she'll walk away if she's not in the mood. She's the moodiest kitty, so I'm very aware of any shifts, and she seems to appreciate that, so I get a lot more leeway.

So much for trying to condense my post
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Kayla was so sweet to me when I was over last
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