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I need help

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I am new to cats, so please be patient. My kitten has what i think is diarreah. He eats well, i feed him can food in the morning and dry food at night. (2wice a day feedings) I also give him cod liver oil capsules because I was told to give him these because it helps with the furballs and vomiting. He is also sneezing (i thinks) not often but one time i actuall had a little ball of liquid on my forearm after what I believe was a sneeze. I want to take him to a Vet but I dont know any. Especially any thats close to me. He goes nuts when he's in the car so i dont want to travel far, but if I have to I will. I have become pretty attached to my little budday, and I must admit I am very concerned.

He is still active, friendly and playful. He gets a lot, i mean a lot of sleep. He moews sometimes but I dont know what for, he's fed, we give him attention, maybe not enough. I do leave my door open so he can come in if he wants to. Sometime he meows outside in the living room or bathroom and when i go to check on him, he just looks up and stares at me.

p.s. I do smoke in the appartment. I try not to
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I think it might be a good idea to get him to the vet. It might not be a big thing, but there's no way of knowing, so better have him checked out. In any case, you need to find out the vets in your area, so you know where to take him when you need to.

I hope you're not giving cod liver oil capsules often. Since he's eating commercial foods, he should be getting enough of vitamins A and D, which cod liver oil contains a lot of, so you might overdose on those if you keep feeding a lot of the oil. I don't see how they'd help with vomiting anyway. As to furballs, well, another oil would be better, such as fish BODY oil, with that there is no danger of overdosing on vitamins A and D. And it might even be the cod liver oil that's causing or contributing to the diarrhea.

Diarrhea and vomiting in a kitten can cause dehydration very fast, so make sure he's drinking plenty. And take him to a vet to be checked over.
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Kittens are funny little creatures...exactly like children!

How long have you had your baby? He could be crying because he still misses mom and his siblings. For the first few months of life they are all he knows and now he's by himself. He sounds like he is having a blast but at night they do get lonely. Maybe he could use a friend???

If he is still eating, drinking, playing and going potty I wouldnt be too concerned with the sneezing. It could be because of your smoking. It affects cats like it would affect children. It can cause allergies, red irritated eyes, etc. Watch him closely though. If you see an increase in sneezing, a runny nose or eyes, or any abnormal behavior I would take him to a vet.

The diarreah could be internal parasites or a change of food. Cats have sensitive stomachs so a change in food upsets them. Worms are very common in young kittens and your kitten should be dewormed.

I would recommend taking your baby to the vet regardless if he is sick or not. He will need a check up, and should have an FELV/FIV test, which is also common in cats, especially those who have indoor/outdoor mothers. Your baby should also be vaccinated for FVRCP (distemper), and FELV (if he is negative...some vets do not recommend this vaccine but talk to your vet about the risks/benefits if the vaccine). Your kitty will be vaccinated once or twice more depending on his age and Rabies should be done at either 3-4 months or when he is altered which absolutley should be done.

As for feeding, I feed canned twice a day and leave dry out all day. Kittens eat more frequently than adult cats.

I would pull out your phone book and start calling vets. Perhaps friends in your area may have a vet or your local shelter can recommend a good one.

Good luck with your kitty!
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How long has he had the diarrhea? A cat can get diarrhea from stress, a health issue, or a change of food ingredients. Make sure the kitten has access to water since he can become dehydrated pretty quickly if the case is severe.

How you taken him to a vet for a check up to test for parasites, worms, update vaccines etc? To be on the safe side, I would take him to the vet to get a general check up. Since I'm not sure where you live in Toronto, here is a general link to all vets in the Toronto/GTA area:

TO Vets
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I also would take him to the vet and get him checked out by a vet . I would take a phone book and look up vets to see what is close by to drive for you . Also a cat carrier is a big need to have for savety reason to drive . I hope he gets to feel better and it is nothing seriously wrong with him .
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thank you guys very much. My kitten in 4 months old by the way.
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I agree that your kitten should be taken to a vet for a check-up and shots, and that the cod liver might not be a good idea. One other thing - 2 feedings a day aren't much for a 4-month-old kitten. You might want to try spreading his intake over 3 - 4 feedings a day, or giving canned food in the morning and free-feeding him dry the rest of the time.
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i go to the scarborough animal hospital. Dr. Natalie Beck is an extremely great doctor, and is very very knowledgable..... she is helping my very sick kitten.
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