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Confusing but kind of funny.

Guess this internet system at work isn't all that bad.
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I don't know why but I'm finding this web page so funny!!!
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LOL. I just laughed my a$$ off. that site is hilarious!!!
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Some of them are really funny. Some of them are kind of stupid. Its an amusing page nonetheless.
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Did you see Britney??? That kitten has issues!
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LMAO.. i think it's more the sayings that are hilarious. good captions. lol i wish i had a mean pic of aiko.. but she just cant look mean!
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I guess I am the only one who thinks it is not funny . I don't much care for that kind of amusement . But I guess thats just IMO .
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I didn't find all of them funny. Some I thought were in bad taste. But a lot of them really had me cracking up at work today.
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Edited: after looking through the whole thing,i diden't
think that it was that funny either.
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PurrfectCatlove I agree. I didn't see anything funny on that site. Mabye I was looking in the wrong place

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um have i missed something??

Granted i only flicked through a few pictures, but aren't they just of cats with moody faces??? and funny captions with them? Hows that offensive or with bad taste?
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I saw this site a few months back. They've updated it since.

I think some of the pictures and captions are hilarious. Some aren't. But I don't think it's offensive, IMO.
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From what I saw, and granted I didn't look through more than a few pages, there was nothing wrong with this is funny! ALL cats have a side to them they reserve for just us, who love them, that...get out of my face or I will kill you...side. We still love them...and they don't mean it...but capturing it on film is priceless! (and a bit funny, you must admit!)
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that's 1 of my favorite sites--i love all the funny kitty pics
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there's nothing wrong with the site--they're cat lovers too, but they have a weird sense of humor, please pardon any typos I'm in a weird typing position and am doing the best i can.
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I love this site. Um but how is this offensive?

Thanks for sharing Shawna.
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I don't find the site offensive at all but I don't think it's that funny either. It's just not my bag of tea!
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Apparently this website does not appeal to everyone. A complaint was sent in to me, I pulled the post off the board as that is how it is done until the moderators could determine what was going on. I was a bit busy today and didn't have time to look at the website, other mods did said it was okay and it came back.

Creepy I apologize, I should have pm'd you but the vet kept me busy today.I just now got a good look at the website, and I don't care for it that much, it just doesn't trip my trigger.

Just because a complaint comes in doesn't mean the website is offensive, it just rubbed someone the wrong way.
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I stumbled on this site some time ago when I was searching for cat topics, and didn't want to look at it first because of the title. Curiosity got the best of me, and sure enough, I got the biggest laugh out of it.

I only had a little time, but those captions I saw are just rip-roaring hilarious, especially the ones for the cute babies. Sure, some are just juvenile, or abusive to humans, but as long as there's no cat abuse I'm cool with it. It was funny going through it again, thanks, Creepyowl!
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i took a look around and i didnt find it funny either, but someone elese might, i guess it all depends on the person, i didnt like some of the comments, oh well, we are all different
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