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Help, ...Need Advice for Kitten Selection

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My wife and I have boy & girl...4 & 2. yrs...

We would like to get a large breed. Female/Male shorthair, pref. gray...
Any Suggestions?

We are also open to the possibility of our kids being too young for a kitten...or do we adopt an older cat?

We are also completely open to the possibility of 2 cats, as we are advised that 2 can play with each other...

Please feel free to email us if you have info too long for the message board..

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Older cats are better when you have young children as they can defend themselves. Kittens can be fragile, especially around younger children.

As far as two cats are concerned, that's a better idea as they can keep each other company.

If there is a rescue organization in your area, they may have a variety of cats to adopt. They may even have two siblings that they want to be adopted together.

Good luck in your search.
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If you are really serious about adding the new additions, I would talk to the kids and explain how fragile they are and the proper way to treat them. There are several good books at the library geared twards young kids and animals.
Yes, an older cat may be a good option for you. You will know what to expect with the personality and if they tolerate kids running a muck. Which my 6 year old does!! If you are looking for a large breed, you may want to look at the shelters or you could contact a breeder. A lot of breeders when done using the cats for breeding want to place them in a permanent home. Maine Coon cats are very large. However Maine Coons have long hair. Long haired cats actaully shed less. There are only a few large breed cats. Males tend to be on the larger side when neutered. Look around at all the options. Yes, 2 cats are usually better than one. Course I have 11 and it is even better..hehe. Good luck on your adventure. Keep us posted and feel free to ask lots of questions. When you do decide, we have lots of other forums for health and grooming and such!!
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Thank you for your help. My wife & I appreciated it. One thing to consider: If i were not serious about getting a cat I would not have become a member of this site.

I want a cat. My wife wants a cat. My 3 1/2 yr. old son Jack asks me when we are getting a cat.

My concern is the best situation for the cat & us.

It is quite possible we will not get a cat at this time, that is why I am researching this, instead of making a poorly-made decision at some Scamps pet center 1- 1/2 months ago when everyone in my house was saying "cat!" "cat!" "cat!"... Ya know? :'):
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Steve, you will have to let us know for sure what kind of cat you get and what you named it....I'll bet your son is really excited!! Kittens are so sweet! I'm sure you'll all do fine with it...and this is a great place for questions! Good luck! Keep us posted
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Hi Steve and welcome to the forums!

Take all the time you need to make this decision. You'll be adding one or two new members to your family for the next 15-20 years so you're doing the right thing researching and thinking about this.

Best of luck whatever you decide and keep us posted! You're always welcome here, whether or not you'll be getting a cat.
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My sons were so excited to get a cat they could hardly stand it. When you first get the cat or kitten your kids will want to be with them all day and night. I would'nt be to worried about your two year old. As time goes by they will age and so will the cat and they will learn to coincide. The cat will get used to the pulling and tugging and the two year old will learn how to treat the cat. The best thing to do if you decide to get one is to pick a safe spot in your house. Maybe an unused bathroom or spare bedroom and let them stay in there for a day or so until they feel comfortable in there and then introduce them to one room at a time until they get more and more comfortable. Soon enough your kids will not want to be around them all the time and the cat(s) will get more comfortable coming around the family if they know that the kids arent going to run after them every time they come out.

There are quite a few cats to choose from but each one has a different personality and a strong one at that. If you are looking for one that does not shed as much you might want to check out the British shorthair, American shorthair, and the Chartreux. If you are looking at a non-pedigreed you can usually tell if they are going to have short or long hair. There are so many sites that can lead you to the exact type of cat that would fit into your family perfectly.

Good luck in your quest!!
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I think you are right to consider everything carefully before bringing a cat into the house. My kids were 6 & 7 when I adopted Squirt. They were never mean to him or anything, but because having pet was a novelty, they just could not leave him alone. They wanted to follow this kitten everywhere! It was tough to conatin their enthusiasm. As a result, Squirt is, to this day, wary of them. When I adopted Joey 2 years later, the novelty had worn off. Joseph is much closer to the kids than Squirt is, because they didn't have to be right on top of him all the time.
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