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At work......

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So decided to check out the computer systems at work. At our desks we have no internet connection at all. I thought it was the same here in this social area. I ususally come up here to read mags on my lunch or break.

So trying to get to some pages that are not boring governemnt related pages I managed to get this one! So I'm posting a message from me to you guys from CCRA (Canada Customs and Revenue Agency)

I'm getting laid off on the 17th PLease send me some good catsite vibes that I get called back to work soon. Last year when I got laid off in the winter I didn't end up coming back until near the end of June. My last lay off was only about 28 days. I hope this is a short one. I hate not working.
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Hey CCRA is next door to my office here in PEI. i'm at hrdc (shh)
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Oh ya ((((((good vibes)))))) for you to get extended!
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Awesome. I send stuff to Summerside all the time. Would love a transfer from the Sudbury TSO!!!

Hello fellow Canadian government worker....us posting on a cat site at 2 in the afternoon on a work day does prove government workers don't actually work
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Oh man , that really sucks . I hope for you that you will get a call back very soon for a job
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