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My cat ran away.

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So my cat that i have had for 10 years now and was about 5 years old when we got her ran away. She has been gone for 1 week and 2 days now. She is a wild cat but is the sweetest thing ever. She usually doesn't run away unless we move but thats only for 2 days. She is an outdoor cat(She hates it inside.) She has survived many wild animals like coyotes and she has survived the arizona heat. She recently has gotten very sick. she stopped eating and her meow was barley coming out. But there has also been this other cat coming to our backyard. So i don't know if she ran away to get away from the cat or because she's sick. I brought her food inside to see if she comes to the door. Which she hasn't, I read that cats run away to die, I hope thats not true.

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I am sorry that your cat is missing.  Since she is not feeling well, there is a chance she did go off to die.  Yet, she also could be sick somewhere.  Have you been out looking for her?  Have you posted signs or talked with your neighbors?  Here is an article that might help.


I hope that you are able to find her.  If she does return, is it possible for you to take her to the vet?  Also is she spayed?

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have you put an ad on Craigslist? Or are you on facebook with neighbors?
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She is spayed and pretty much everyone in the neighborhood knows shes my cat so if they saw her they would tell me. If she does come back I would for sure take her to the vet. I am starting to get worried she has almost been gone for 2 weeks thats the longest she has ever been gone. I have not put signs around the neighborhood yet I am going to really soon. Thanks for your help:)

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Definitely get the signs up! We had a kitty in the neighborhood missing for a MONTH and it was found just a few houses down hiding in patio furniture. The signs are so helpful.
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