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Separate Feedings, Power and Food Obsession

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So we've got Tiki (7 months and 5 lbs.) on Nutro Max Cat Kitten wet food and Science Diet Kitten dry, and we've got our adult cat, Lexington, (5-6 years and 14 lbs.) on Max Cat light and Science Diet light dry. Lexington has lost 2 lbs. from a high of 16.

We feed them separately and remove the food when they're done.

Tiki is obsessed with Lexington's food, no matter what it is, and will race from her feeding spot to see if she can feed on his. Is that simply a power thing?

Lexington is also the classic whiner. If we put his food away - even if he's done - he's back 10 minutes later whining that his food isn't available. He gets about 1 regular can plus a little more; Tiki gets about two or three small cans per day (the cans say it should be one can per pound under six months, and one can per two pounds over six months. Are we underfeeding her?).

Is there anything we can do to break these behaviors? We don't want whiny, food-obsessed cats....

Also, our Vet is a big advocate of wet food over dry (for the protein), but we're aware that it's supposed to be bad for the cats teeth. Tiki has gingivitis and we do brush her, but have favored the wet food on the vet's recommendation.
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Hi Scott,

Food is a big powerplay in my house too. I put their food down at the same time, same food, and Frantic the alpha cat will taste from both dishes before allowing Pip to eat. In the morning I have to stand by the dishes so Pip can eat. Not easy to do when I'm supposed to be in the shower!
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Scott how about investing in one of those automatic feeders? Set it to dole out a little bit of the food at a time- though I don't think it works for wet food (might be messy?) At one time, we had to build a feeding box that our skinny cats could enter, but our fat ones couldn't. Dunkin used to rob all the food all the time, so Mike built a little wooden house and the entrance was only big enough for our thinner cats to enter. Used to drive Dunk nuts! LOL May she RIP we lost her to cancer this year-
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I'm glad to see this here as lately I've been having issues with my cats and food. I've never had 2 cats before so this is new to me, but Levi was 8.5# (he has a small frame so he's got a belly) at his last vet appointment & now I believe he's more than that & Jordan was 7# 9 oz. & is very trim & fit. I think whats happening is whatever Jordan doesn't eat Levi does. I've been free feeding, but I think I'm going to have to go to a schedual so that they are both getting fed the right amounts.
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