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TGIF! Daily Thread!

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TGIF! So beautiful outside today. I went this morning to get my morning Green tea at the local Shell station, and there were news trucks and fire trucks every where! A neighbors house burned down and he died His wife had a baby yesterday also. So, his parents were taking care of his other kids. They don't know yet what the cause of the fire was. Please keep his family in your prayers.

Zack is about the same...I had to go to Walgreens last night to get him Theraflu and cough drops about 10:30. On my way home from school, I got pulled over by HPD for rolling at a stop sign. Grrrr...I didn't mind because I know I shouldn't do that, but after he left me go without a ticket...I was going down a side street to my house and a guy pulled out of nowhere and ran the stop sign he was at. Where was the cop then?!!? Makes me so angry!! They should be out fighting real crime! Enough of me griping!

Hope everyone has a pleasant day!
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It's my gf's birthday this weekend so I'll be taking her out for a nice dinner with friends.

Sunday we put out summer car into storage and we have work to do so it will be a busy weekend.

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A day of housecleaning is in order for me today, since I was gone all day yesterday. Its 'Animal Upkeep' day as well- guinea pig cage and fish tanks cleaned, litterbox emptied and cleaned and all food bowls washed extra well. I gave the piggies a bath this morning too, and they were NOT happy. Karma bit me when I was towel drying her- not hard, just enough to let me know she was unhappy. So, to make it up to her I gave her her favorite treat, apples and cucumber. She was happily munching away when I peekd in on her a little while ago.

I also decided to perk my new Betta, Quinn, up this morning by putting a mirror by his bowl temporarily. He was a little listless after his long trip home, and adjustment from city water to treated tap water. He swimming around happily now, 'puffing himself up' for his enemy in the mirror I just LOVE Bettas.

I got 3/4 of my Christmas shopping done yesterday- its mostly stocking stuffers left now. I managed to get all of the hard to find toys my kids asked for, except one and that was ordered from Sears today. I always find shopping for my hubby hard, but I got him some really cool, and unique things yesterday that I think he'll love

Have a nice day everyone!! :rainbow:
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Morning....Rise & Shine
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Ugh...snow! It started around 7 this morning, and is still going strong. I'd guess we have 3 inches already, and there's no sign of it slowing or stopping. I just did Round One of shovelling (gasp! wheeze!).

It figures, this happens when Tybalt is in CA visiting his mom and gma. No big strong man here to do the shovelling for me!

Woke up this AM with 13 cats on the bed with me! I think that may be a record. I felt like I was in a mummy wrap, I couldn't move!
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Glad you are all having a happy Friday. I can't wait to have a drink this evening! It will be a well deserved one, that's for sure. Busy busy weekend ahead! Just getting my winter tires on my car.. vrrooom vrroooom....
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(that's all I have to say about being Friday)
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I feel your pain Sue..... We got an inch of snow overnight . I hope that is all we get til at least January . I am taking a vacation day from work today.... I am posting in my pajamas also.
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Going to a christmas tea party this arvo.

Yay! I fit in my jeans again, I have not been able to wear them for a year!

Have a good day!
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Feels like Thursday for me as I have to work all day tomorrow. I don't remember the last time I had to come into work on a weekend. Oh well - at least overtime pay before Christmas will be good. Still interviewing people. Have had some good one and some not so good! My MIL should be out of the hospital today. She can't wait to get home. She hates being in the hospital. This year alone she has probably been in the hospital for close to 3 months at least.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Yeehah! New low on the scale this am We aren't one of the 100,000 who lost power in our area yesterday, and no downed tree limbs (we have 2 firs in the backyard and 5 in the front, all are over 100 feet tall), for which I am very grateful.

About to hit the road running...dh is turning 35 tomorrow and took the day off today, so we are running around, picking up products, checking at a bakery that I gave my grandmothers recipe for pasticiotti to, hoping to convince them to make them (mine never turn out well..these are vanilla or chocolate filled little cake tarts)..hope to find out they liked the recipe and are now making them for sale , getting his license stuff.

I will be doing more of my Christmas cards, and getting packages ready for family and friends to ship out on Monday. I love shopping all year, it makes this time of year so much easier. I've gone from being one of the worse procrastinators re holiday shopping to being prepared early, and I much prefer it that way!

wishing all of you a great day,
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Had a colic scare with Racer this morning. On the way to the creek for his daily soak, he kept kicking his belly. I noticed and thought okay, that is a sign of colic, but he also has bug bites on his belly too. When we got to the creek he began to bite his sides, so I went and pressed my ear to his belly- no gut sounds. Urged him out of the creek- called the vet and was told to keep an eye out on him today closely. I then called a dear friend who has a bunch of horses and she told me about a massage technique and gave me a recipe for a warm bran mash with peppermint oil. Ten minutes into the massage, we had gas! And then we had wonderful rolly gut sounds that sounded like an angel choir to my ears.He's had his bran mash and now it is just a matter of watching him to see how he does. I am hoping this turned the trick, because when a horse colics, you have to walk him, but with founder you don't want the horse to walk to much. So here's hoping-
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Originally posted by Kiwideus

Going to a christmas tea party this arvo.

Yay! I fit in my jeans again, I have not been able to wear them for a year!

Have a good day!
Congrats Kellye!! I also fit into some slacks that I haven't worn in about a year. The last time I wore them they were so tight! But, this morning--man was I happy when I slipped right into them!!
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I found the news article on my neighbor that perished in the fire this morning:
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I'm having a good day - it's my birthday, and when I got up this morning, my husband had a very nice, mushy card waiting for me on the counter. My husband is a wonderful man, and very loving, but is not much into smooshy affectionate-type stuff, so that was a surprise!

One of my work friends and I went out for a long lunch and got some Christmas shopping done, so that was a nice time.

Tonight I am going to my nephew's basketball game - he's starting varsity as a junior, and it's the first game, so it should be fun. Then I think tomorrow night we will go out for dinner, hopefully to this really good Chinese place I know.

Hope everyone has a great day!!
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Originally posted by Suzy
I'm having a good day - it's my birthday,
Happy Birthday!
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Hissy, only you could get excited about HORSE FARTS!

Thank goodness, this week is over. I am fed UP with talking to stupid people. Today, one woman thought that she shouldn't have to make her payment, because she wrecked her car and it was in the shop for almost a month. In addition, our Philadelphia help desk and collection offices were shut down, at 1:30 EST, due to the weather.

When I got home, I was mugged, in the kitchen. All three cats were trying to convince me that they were poor, starving waifs. After all, it had been a whole 12 hours, since I last FILLED their bowl.

Bill had the grill fired up, potato in the microwave and a lovely Porterhouse, ready and waiting. I could get used to this. Might as well enjoy it - we're shampooing carpets, this weekend. I'm trying to convince Bill that it isn't dirty UNDER the entertainment center and we really DON'T need to move it.

Sunday is my birthday and I expect that we'll go out to dinner. Bill hasn't said anything about it but, its pretty much a given.
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