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Still Here And Need Prayers...

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I'm still here and i'm on Dial Up now ughhhhhh.
Anyhow today my dad goes to the Cancer clinic to see if the cancer has started spreading again. He was diagnosised with Prostate Cancer which had spread to his bones back in April i believe. In September the cancer wa still there but had stopped spreading. So today we find out if its still stopped spreading. I have a bad feeling...i can see it in his eyes,he doesn't sleep well so i'm quite worried. If it has spread i don't think they can do much more I'm going to feel like its my fault...dh and i are going through marriage issues(start counselling today) and i know my dad is really stressed out about that and my family will blame us if its a bad result
Anyhow if you could pray for a positive result today i'd apperciate it. I'll update as soon as i'm able. Thanks
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Aww I am so sorry about your dad . I don't see how they could blame you if the test results come back bad . They may need to get the info's straightning out about canser . But any way ...

I will be praying for the test result , that it will come back with good news
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I will keep you and your father in my prayers. It is not your fault if the results come back positive. Don't let anyone blame you for that. We are all here if you need us!
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side of the family has been hit hard by cancer. His mother had breast cancer for over 30 years! (she died peacefully in her sleep at home in her 70's). My dad's dad had cancer when he died at the age of 88. My Dad had prostate cancer (it was contained and removed) and his oldest brother has prostate cancer that has spread beyond the prostate. My dad's youngest sister had breast cancer, so it is all over his side.

My dad was operated on and is doing fantastic. NO reocurrance. I will keep your family in my prayers.
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Stress is all around us every day - coping mechanisms like relaxation therapy and/or meditation can be very useful. It's just not realistic for everyone to change their lives to avoid stressing others...don't blame yourself.

Sending prayers for your dad
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I will keep him, and your family, in my prayers. I hope that the cancer's progression has stopped! Remember, it isn't your fault. Cancer doesn't spread due to stress, so while I understand that you feel guilty for potentially being a cause of stress, it CAN NOT contribute to the cancer problem.
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I too will have your father and your family (and YOU!) in my thoughts. I can only echo what others have said - it isn't your fault no matter what the results are. Please don't blame yourself or let others blame you. If they think it is your fault, they need to speak with the doctors.
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I am so sorry to hear your news, keeping your father in my thoughts for a positive result.
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I'll keep you and your family in my prayers... hoping that everything goes well for you.....
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My prayers are going up for you and your dad....please keep us posted on how he is doing!!!!
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I will pray for you and your dad. Stay strong. God Bless.
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Danielle - don't blame yourself for causing your dad's cancer to spread! If your family tries to blame you, just remember that they are also stressed out about his illness and people often act irrationally during these situations. Cancer can bring out the worst in family members and it really isn't personal. It can also bring out the best in people so you be that person!

My father-in-law contracted prostrate cancer which spread to his bones. It's a very hard thing to deal with in a family. Be there for him and love him with all your might - he will need that right now.
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I'm glad to see you haven't left TCS yet.
You are going through a very tough time right now. Don't blame yourself for your father's illness.

You're marriage issues are not to blame for your father's cancer or recurrence of his disease. Once cancer spreads it is difficult to stop it. New therapies can keep people alive longer, but don't always cure the disease (unless it's caught early).

He is probably worried about you and your daughter. . and you are feeling guilty about that because in your eyes he should be worried about himself. He loves you. Parents always worry about their children, even when they become adults.

Marriages fail every day. I'm one of the casualites of an unfaithful husband. Stressful situations can bring out the worst in people. . . causing marriages to fall apart.

Counseling is a good step in the right direction to save your marriage if it's worth saving. Don't give up the fight. In the end you will know that you did all you could regardless of how things turn out.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with everything that life is dishing out right now (your dad, your marriage, and your daughter) please see your doctor. He might be able to prescribe something to help you cope. Therapy (for you) is also very beneficial.

God bless.
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