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My Cat has dandruff

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Please can you help, my Felix has a dandruff problem. I will be very grateful for any advice you could give.
From Jenna and Felix
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The fist thing you want to do is make sure Felix is eating a good quality food. Second you can add an omega 3 fatty acid to the food. You can find it under many different brands. You will also find it labled as fish oil. It will greatly improve the skin and coat.
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Sandie's suggestion of the fish oils is a good one, but as a precaution, I might just double check with the vet first to rule out any health-related problems first - just in case.

You didn't mention how old your kitty was, or if there are other symptoms but any time you notice a change in the haircoat, it is best to seek your vet's advice to rule out dehydration, or other underlying causes.

Please let us know how things are going,

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Also, if you find theres nothing medically wrong, you can buy special treats from the pet shop which are packed full with goodies and vitamins especially for the skin and coat. Most cats seem to like 'em so it might be worth giving them a try!

Hope all turns out well!!

Ps, Regular grooming with a fine tooth comb may also help?!
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thankyou for your very quick replys.I will try grooming him more
Bodlover. Please could you tell me Sandie, where I can buy omega 3 fatty acid, and how much should I give Felix.

Hes very healthy and hes 16 in november, but if his dandruff stays after using your advice, my mum will take him to see our vet.He is due for his 6 monthly cheak soon. Hes a great cat, apart from when he needs his flea spray, then hes just wild.
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