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Sad abuse story

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This was in the Miami Herald this morning. Sad and sick.

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OMG that is sick! what is it with ppl?
only 2 kittens survived
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OMG , that kid is sick in the head including the 2 sisters . Well no , the hole family is sick in my eyes . The parents teach the kids how to be abusive and so they did not see anything wrong doing that . After killing lizzards and iguana (sp) the parents needet to make sure that there would be no more animals in the house and also seek counseling for the kids . I think they all need counseling in my eyes . Now the problem with all the kids is that they will grow up and maybe continue to abuse animals , that really make me sick . The real problems are the parents and for sure they don't need no more children .
Bless that woman who stop and called that in . At least she saved to beautiful kittens . I would have nightmare if I had to watch that ...... that is so sick
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Poor cats. and the father," I raised my children to respect their elders?!" whatever! if that were true then they'd never have yelled and threatened that woman. If those were my kids, I'd let them be locked up for a good while until I thought they'd learned a hard lesson.
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