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Another new arrival

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I have just lost my VERY old cat(20yrs+), to an intestinal problem. We did everything we could to help stop his diahorrhea-anti-biotics, anabolic steroids to help build him up, 24 hour starvation, but unfortunately he was too old to fight any more and when we fed him after 24 hours he just passed out loads of blood.
We were really upset to lose him, but knew we had done all we could. I got him a few months ago from the Cats Protection League where I do voluntary work. After he went we said we wouldn't get any more cats.But.......
Barney came into our lives yesterday. He is a one year old,neutered male and the problem I have is that he is not settling well. I have another 8 cats at home ranging in age between 11 weeks and 15 yrs old. Barney is scared of all of them-even the babies.How can I encourage him to come and spend time with us downstairs? He spends all of his time hiding upstairs at the moment.
Any advice to help Barney settle is greatly appreciated.
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Hi there!!!

Another CP volunteer! I recently gave up my work for Reading CP, as pregnancy, baby and running own business was just getting too much. Glad to hear you're doing your bit in Kent for the feline population.

There are a number of ways in which to settle Barney - the main one being cross-over of scent; running Barney with towels that you have rubbed the other cats with to familiarise him with their smell.

The introduction process is always a gradual one, and sometimes they will never fully integrate. There are many good tips already posted on this site (I don't know how to post a link in here, but I'm sure some kind soul will point you in the right direction of the relevant threads), as well as some seriously expert catpeople.

Stick around and tell us a bit more about your furry family and what you do for Cats Protection.
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