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Glad to find this web site and everyone in it!

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Hi everyone,
I am currently unemployed and looking for work for 1 1/2 years. I started with one stray cat that I was scared to bring home. Why?? I have 3 dogs and a husband that doesn't like cats. Well, this wonderful baby just won over my husband in a matter of one week. The dogs just ignored her. Well I am up to 7 cats and I still have the 3 dogs (and the husband!) Here is the kicker. I live in a 2 bedroom condo. All animals are what I refer to as "throw aways". The are tame and just happen to be wandering the streets. I used to work for a police department for a small suburb with out an animal control department. I became that department. So any stray came to Sandy's house. Now my husband won't buy a house because he knows I will just bring home more strays! I love them all. I just recently became involved with ferals. I really only came in contact with one feral. I trapped, took to animal welfare and got his shots and had him neutered. He was so wild when he came to that they had to sedate him again. He stayed in his trap cage for 3 days. He had to they said because he was a bleeder. Finally on the 3rd day they said he could be released and that he hadn't bled in 24 hours. So I re-released him where I had be feeding him for about 3 months. The next day he was there waiting to eat at the same time I always came. The day after that there was no sign of him. That was one month ago and I have not seen him at all. I feel awful that I may have caused him more harm than good.
Nice to be here.
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Welocme to The Cat Site. It sounds like you are doing a great job with the ferals and strays in your community. I hope that you kitty returns soon. He is probably frightened and getting used to being back outside.
Good luck, I hope to hear more about your cat stories
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Welcome to the site! You will find all kinds of support and answers to any question you may have for what you are doing for the strays and now ferals in your area. You did the right thing with this feral boy, even if it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to. Ferals also move their territory for any number of reasons, so it is very possible that he is fine and has just moved on to another area.
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Welcome to this wonderful site of fun and info .

That is so nice that you have a good heart for the unwanted cats . Not every body is willing to do that . As valanhb already said , feral move on some times . I am sure he is ok .He may be comming back there every once in a while . Also it is getting colder now and may have found a warmer place to stay .
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Thanks to you all for replying. And thanks for the uplifting info that he may have just moved on. It looks like the last stray I brought home a few weeks ago is in heat!Meow-meow-meow all nightlong. All my others are fixed so they all want to know what's her problem.We will be going to the vet tomorrow!!!! I had her checked for feline leukemia and a general check up befor I brought her home so now we go for everything else.
Thanks again and I REALLY love everyone's pictures of their cats. So nice to know there others that care!
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Welcome to The Cat Site!
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