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I've decided as a Christmas present for my mom and her new husband (David) that I would make a really nice wedding scrapbook for them.

Craig and I thought this was such a good idea, but after doing research I'm already overwhelmed.

Does anyone here scrapbook? Have any good ideas for me? I want it to be really fancy and really special. My mom never got to have a big wedding or anything like that, and for once in her life she got a really nice wedding, and she's finally living a pretty nice and happy life.

This is really important to me. She's a really frilly and lacy kinda lady so I'm gonna get some silk, satin, and lace materials as well as silver, pink, and burgundy buttons.

I saved a bunch of stuff from her wedding and some corsages that I am gonna throw in the album.

I just don't know where to start

Any tips, suggestions, and ideas from the Scrapbookers out there?
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I do a lot of scrapbooking. I hate to be a party pooper but it is really kind of late to start a wedding scrapbook. Unless you plan on spending hours a day until Christmas.

My best suggestion is to go to scrapbook stores (not big chain craft stores) and look around. You can get very nice embellishments now like 3 D sets and really nice paper.

Buy a couple of scrapbooking magazines. They are $5-7 each but well worth it for getting ideas etc.

If there was more time I could help you find some ideas but I'm crunching right now to get my own projects done before Christmas!
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LOL! I wish I coulda started sooner. However, since the wedding was on Nov 28. I haven't a choice. Thankfully I have a ton of time because I only work three days a week.

I've never done a scrapbook before, so this is gonna be very challenging.
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There is a scrapbooking show on Do-It-Yourself Network. It comes on every day. Check you local times and see if you get the channel. They have really cool ideas on there.
Also, if you do a search on Google for scrapbooking, TONS of sites come up

Good luck with your project. It sounds like a great present to give to your Mom and David
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Contact Airprincess via PM...she does scrapbooking often.
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I do a lot of scrapbooking also, I love it!

It is also not cheap, but if you need die cuts, I was given the tip to get them done at the store, instead of buying the equipment to do it at home.

There is a website www.scrapbooking.com

I also get a magazine called memory makers, try that out - you can get it at craft stores. Also there are lots of idea magazines out there, they are awesome. I am sure they have a magazine for weddings.

Good luck!
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